"Have you heard the news?" "No!" "A shark as big as a mountain has been seen near the shore."

Everyone thinks you're dead.

If you complain further, I'm going to get really angry.

Please put this book on the very top.

Jack looked around for his camera.

You're too young to worry about cellulite.


Are your grandparents still alive?

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He had a cold, but he went to work.

Please sit down on this chair.

We'll notify her.

They might go.

That was Dimetry's fault.

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Tait could speak French.

Trent and I often study together.

I don't like to go out without a coat on such a cold day.

His daughter is a nurse.

When I was your age, Pluto was a planet.

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That's not much of an excuse.

She always believes me.

Many of the workers had missing fingers.


3 multiplied by 5 is 15.

Don't think I won't do it.

Marnix showed Piet a picture of his high school.

I suppose I should thank you.

I'm on duty from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

I always knew Jeremy was an idiot.

Barton hit John and then said that he had started it.

We'd like a deposit of $50.

Smoking will do more harm than good.

You can smoke a pipe when you grow up.

As far as I know, he's guilty.

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I want to hear it from them.

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Remind him to come home early.

Don't worry, I will protect her.

I thought it was a mistake to tell Blake the secret.


She is getting prettier and prettier.

Excuse me, which way to the station is the shortest?

I have a bad imagination.


Matthias's mind went blank when he got up to give the eulogy at Lucifer's funeral.

We were excited by the sounds.

See what you can do with it.

Don't touch anything without asking first.

We like to help.


Close your mouth!

Joseph plays tennis after school three days a week.

Right now, a full-time minimum wage worker makes $14,500 a year, which leaves too many families struggling to make ends meet.

Why do we feel schadenfreude over others' suffering?

This is a coconut.


I think Stanly has never seen this before.

It rained fire in that region.

What time does it open?

Most Americans liked Roosevelt.

Can we enhance the image?


I like jazz.

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Mexican desperadoes during the early twenties were usually armed to the teeth with stolen firearms and ammunition.

The editor and publisher is my cousin.

Case said that he wasn't hungry.


The old man stroked his beard thoughtfully.

Have you traveled somewhere during the summer?

They released a new album.


It doesn't matter what you think.


Why do you go about being cross at people?


He walked home.

The kids are already here.

This medicine has no side effects.

Whither shall one flee? Where shall I go and abide?

I've been ignored for too long.

I thought I would die laughing.

Margot was very relaxed.

Bob and I both laughed.

He will avenge the people on their oppressor.

I wish you didn't live so far away.

What was Simon doing down here?

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I cannot make Taninna laugh. She doesn't like my jokes.

The rain didn't stop them from doing their job.

Would you have a double room and a single room for tomorrow evening?


Why are people always so cynical?

A cop was killed.

Elijah asked Antonio to help decorate his Christmas tree.

You'll see the difference.

Machida is an interesting city that's a mix of the old and the new.


Could you write that down, please?

The methods used to overcome stress are different for men and women: drinking is the major method used by men, while women deal with stress by chatting.

Turn it around.

Make sure you closed the freezer door correctly.

Out of my way, boy.

Will you walk down to the school with me?

Has anyone talked to Marc?

We don't say that anymore.

We'll see what we can figure out.

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Kayvan hates himself.


Nice place.


I hope that your brother is better.

There are lots of people who don't have any idea about that.

Is the snake alive?


He came to understand it at last.

Jim studies as hard as his brother does.

Production at this factory has increased by 20%.

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I've got a plastic cup.


Bobby was married and then he got divorced.

It's too heavy to lift.

There's nothing wrong with this.


Ask Nanda when he gets back.

Painting our house took longer than we expected.

Our website is offline for scheduled maintenance.

The Arctic is the area round the North Pole.

This is all I have.


Eric never wins at tic-tac-toe.


I want to go over these numbers with you.


I didn't vote for anyone.

The actor died at the height of his popularity.

She felt she wasn't ready for that commitment.

They sent for a doctor at once.

A friend to all is a friend to none.

Wouldn't you rather spend your time doing something you enjoy?

Never give out your password to anyone.

Not a star was to be seen in the sky.

I know that I did nothing wrong.

Omar doesn't want to do this on his own.

We need time.


He shot himself in the knee.

I have a few minutes to spare.

Naoto got wounded in the battle.


Felicja's mother is a Polish of Romanian origin.

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He must be crazy to say such a thing.

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Stop repeating everything I say.


I don't think it's that easy.

When will you depart for Paris?

Excuse me. Where's the metro?

I'll tell you only if you promise to keep it to yourself.

We just don't know what it is.

I think Lindsay was lying to us.

I don't care what Bernie takes.

I spilled my coffee on the carpet.

We'll all be dead in thirty years.


Pitawas asked a stupid question.


This is not a discovery, everybody knows it!

Theodore doesn't want to become vegan.

Graeme refused to eat his lunch.

Lou taught me a lot.

There is a rapid increase in shops struggling in the depression.

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That boy over there looks about your age.


I'm sure of his working for our company.

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Marci considered it an insult not to be invited to the party.

I said to her, "You look pale. Are you all right?"

Blayne is extremely self-centered.

How much is this camera?

She has special powers.


Look, you've got to help.

I should've asked for permission first.

I have a collection of towels I've stolen from many different hotels I've stayed at.

I just wanted to stop by and see how you were doing.

Let's get a drink.


I lost my son about a decade ago.

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What makes life dreary is the want of motivation.

We have a big audience tonight.

What serious contemplation are you in?