I don't recognize any of these men.

The prices have been very high lately.


I have been lucky until now.

The young boy helped the old woman.

In this case, it is more advantageous to buy in cash.

Niels was nowhere to be found.

Angela seems to have packed everything but the kitchen sink.

Shutoku thought otherwise.

If someone paid you to kill Rand, would you?

Syun didn't know what everyone else knew.

Don't you think Dale and John look alike?


I live in a province.


Muammar Gaddafi is a megalomaniac.

The trees were in a row.

Bruce doesn't really like Irfan all that much.

The doctor advised him to ease up on alcohol.

Lake Chad is continuing to shrink.

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I don't speak very good French.

During my last spring vacation I took a job in a restaurant to help pay the costs of my trip abroad.

Every fox praises its tail.

Dylan has gained weight.

Belief is the death of intelligence.


Americans on the whole are a talkative people.

I tried talking to Tharen last night.

Whatever he said, it's not true.

Speaking about foreign languages, do you speak French?

Do you feel threatened?

What a disappointment!

Judging from the expression on her face, she was worried.

Julius Caesar, this great Roman hero, was assassinated.

What a crazy way to run a business!

I wanted to try it too.

"The Scots say no to a separation from Great Britain." This is the result of a poll from the voting day.

Blow me down!

I wanted to invite you, but your friend beat me to it.

Ofer is waiting for a friend.

I called Izzy's parents.


Maybe we should stop at a gas station to ask for directions.


Can long distance relationships really work?


Nguyen was improving his results.


Merton sometimes does foolish things.

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I thought I was the only one who knew that.

Does she speak English, French or German?

On the floor were two pairs of shoes.


Soup was boiling in a large cauldron.

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It's so typical of him to bail out at the last minute.

We have nothing further to say to each other.

He is always as busy as a bee.


We forgot all about them.

Where can I get some help?

He prepared carefully for the meeting.


I took to drinking when I was eighteen.

Last night I went to bed late after writing a letter.

I wish I could talk to her.

We won't be here after 2:30.

The roots connect the tree to the ground.

Don't hurt her.

This handbag is mine.

You must run.

It does not have to be this way.

He sent me his congratulations by wire.

It's dirty work, but someone has to do it.

Larry opened the door to see what the weather was like.

Squirrels are quick learners.

Bob entered the house through a window.

He's almost always in the hospital.

It's one of our specialties.

I'm not going to kiss you.

This won't wait.

We swam for a few hours.

These fields produce good quality crops.

This Publix is always crowded.

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The nuclear family makes better communication possible between parents and children.


Tad can't be saved.

The game's almost over.

We need to buy a new rug for this room.


I want an MP3 player!

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We're ready to do our best in order to help Reid.

I wish she would stop complaining.

Arnold asked that we be quiet.

This sentence is not correct.

I haven't eaten Mexican food in a long time.

Vick is impartial.

She's very cunning.

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Isabelle is eager to impart his knowledge.

There must be someone else living on the island.

He's on the way to go.

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Do you know any good German movies?

What should you do if you find a big spider on your bed?

Marco was too proud to accept any help.


Whenever possible, he leaves his office at 6 p.m.

I like to play music written by my friends.

A little boy had a Kit-Kat.

He's considered to be one of the greatest scientists in the world.

Anton does a lot of volunteer work.

I'm not sure about anything.

We need a new director to bring our company together.

The earth rotates.

You should suggest something like these to Juergen.

The last time I saw Margot he was wearing a blue baseball cap.

We should be considerate to the old.

We look ridiculous.

My nephew was accustomed to sitting up late.

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Randall wants to live in the country.


Spy earns a good salary.

I'd decided not to do that again.

That's why I was there.

Vacations are good for people who get tired during the year.

I'm looking at my reflection in the lake.

Can art change the world?

I want to dye my hair red.


How could we handle this problem?

In general, consumers prefer quantity to quality.

Let's go wake him up.

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The restaurant was almost empty.

When I drive, I always avoid trucks.

It's not safe here.

If you were to compare me to an animal, to which animal would you compare me to?

My father hates the summer heat.

Some believe in God, but others do not.

Tell me where you were born.


I'm busy today.


I'll thread the needle for you.


The house has icicles on it.

Christopher is two months pregnant.

This virus was engineered in a lab.

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Many friends saw him off.

If you don't lie you don't sell.

When did they go?

How was your date?

Stay away from Knut.

The audience clapped loudly after his speech.

Here are the tickets.


He slumbered out the whole day.

Even a child can understand it.

We are working against an enemy who is very insidious in his methods.


Fallen rocks blocked the way.


I never meant to hurt them.


We understand why.


Don't let the price bother you!


Are you a wizard?


Vickie photographed these buildings for the exhibit.

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No matter how hard you may study English, you cannot master it in a year or so.

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She's a talented singer.


Don't pick up the cat.

The problems of air and water pollution will be intensified by the growth of inhabitants.

We won't see them again.

I'm waiting for her response.

There seems to be some dark meaning in his words.

We've done everything we can do.

You want to go to the ocean.


The curtains are fireproof.

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In Japan, there isn't any lake greater than Lake Biwa.

You don't have to talk to Pilot if you don't want to.

I can't help loving her.

I'll reach to the moon.

I have decided to learn shorthand.

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Kiki covered Spyros's shoulders with a blanket.