I like to find at least a little something positive in everything.

I am very positive and ambitious for my goals.


Jonathan was sentenced to death and brought to the gallows.

The shadow is fading.

Our dog seldom bites.


They seem to be photographs.


It did not end well.


You may come with us if you want to.

Some people laugh at his jokes, but others don't.

I'm not insolent to them.

It strikes me as a bit unusual.

Once you start smoking, it is difficult to get rid of that bad habit.


We'll ask politely.

I probably never will come here again.

How many guitars do you own?

I want to be sure Margaret is happy.

Nobody paid any attention.

What happens if we don't catch Will?

What were they saying?

The viper's tongue is never more venomous than when it is coated with honey.

She gave me the most wonderful present.

She wanted to be famous.

We don't have to go right now.


An old man spoke to me on the street.

Ian was very frugal with his money.

I think that was really bad.

Do you have any news to report?

It is a great honor to become acquainted with her.

Sunday is not an ordinary day to me.

I don't find him in the telephone directory.

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That's hardly new.

Oh no! It's a power outage! Hey, where was the flashlight again?

I only wanted to do some good.

Kirsten and his friend were duelling with plastic swords.

Ramneek scored five runs.

I don't eat pork, beef or eggs.

You love each other!

Yvonne has been talking to Cliff.

The soldiers took the youngsters to a place where they thought nobody would see them, then they picked up stones and started to hit the youngsters on their heads and their arms to break their bones. They didn't know that they were being filmed.

All right, hold on a second.

This is truly amazing.

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They became anxious at her delay.

You were in the second year of middle school last year, right?

Hans was as pleased as Punch.

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Panacea didn't drink much at the party last night.


I saw Piete and June dancing together.

Marie was tough.

She is two years younger than me.

I'd like to talk with Helge.

Northerners had expected to win the Battle of Bull Run.

I can't even do that.

You seem pretty preoccupied.

The bottle contains water.

Use the International Language (Esperanto).

Just get it.

I sat down next to him.

Is it true that the world will end in 2012?

We're not going to sell it.


Soyuz 11 cosmonauts Georgi Dobrovolsky, Vladislav Volkov, and Viktor Patsayev were killed in re-entry in 1971. They were returning to Earth after successfully manning Salyut 1, the first Soviet space station.


What on earth are you doing in a fishing boat?

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Hazel didn't have much time to clean the room before Ramanan arrived.

I'm pretty sure we got everything we came for.

My brother is not busy.

Dory is better than Harmon.

I was with them all day.

Angela should've never let Vassos go.

Billy misses Boston.

My sister, wearing her favorite red coat, went out today.

Tahsin walked through the living room in her pink robe.

Tokyo is the capital of Japan.

The baby appears hungry all the time.

We made cookies.

The ESA put a satellite into orbit.


During the reign of Nero the Apostles Peter and Paul were killed, who had come to Rome to preach.

I will come when I can.

You'll never know.

I like this better than that.

That would be a huge waste of money.

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Tell me what you think.

My grandfather likes to walk.

The leaves trembled in the wind.

At one time we were enemies, but we've buried the hatchet and we are now on friendly terms with each other.

That is the answer.

I asked her a difficult question.

Working at home, the stress of travelling to work disappears.

I found the film interesting.

Does he have an alibi?

Are you stalking me?

First of all, you have no right to make conclusions. Second of all, your argument was based on an invalid assumption.

I got hungry.

The cause of the accident is still obscure.

I've seen dolphins smarter than you.

It's cold today.

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With the help of earphones, amplifiers, and hearing aids, some youngsters can hear the music.

You know Vernon used to live in Boston, don't you?

We often fail to realize the extent to which we depend on others.


She bore no malice against you.

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This is not expensive.


Miss Green asked two questions of me.

Don't underestimate him. Believe me, he'll make good on his threat.

Closer examination revealed that the skull had been crushed by some heavy blow.

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She was a pioneer in this field.


My books are in Romanian; hers are in English.

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Let's share the money.

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Let's go out and eat dinner together from time to time.


He went to Nagoya on business.

I'm very worried about you.

The flowers were very beautiful to look at.

Sociability is as much a law of nature as mutual struggle.

What's Casey going to find?


I thought you'd want to see this movie.


The company asked the bank to loan them some money to buy new machinery.

What else did Curt get?

Someone else might want your old desk if you don't want it anymore.


Where do I have to transfer to get to Shinjuku?

I suggest you stay as close to us as possible.

She was too short to see over the fence.

Maria killed the cockroach with a sandal.

How can I show you my love?

Who is better at French, Hwa or Dawson?

A fox was caught in the snare.


I thought this would make us both so happy.


You'd forget your head if it were not attached!

All that you said in the mail is correct, except the price.

Deb pretended not to be afraid.

It's alright. This injection won't hurt. It will just prick a little.

Alf was accused of performing a lewd act in public.


What happened to all of our furniture?

Mikey finished packing his suitcase.

This bird can imitate the human voice.

The country is abundant in natural resources.

Do you have any other questions you'd like to ask?

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You don't have to pay anything.

The current socioeconomic system is made-up.

This used car is as good as new.


Judge was very happy when his team won.


The house looks empty since they left.

I walked.

I was surprised when I saw you guys kissing.


He said that you ought to go.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

There's no way anyone other than Farouk could have done this.


I didn't notice anything unusual.


The only way to tackle this problem is through the creation of a new international body.

Do you know French?

I have been studying English for six years now.

I value our friendship a great deal.

Is it all right to eat out tonight?

I think Sidney slept here.

Are you sure you don't want a little more spaghetti?

I'll give Sanjib a shirt for Christmas.

I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep.

He bolted away with all money.

I'm going to have you arrested.

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He is but a fair weather friend.

The Chinese government has spent a lot of money on research into successful panda breeding in order to increase their birth rate.

Ask Shirley for advice.

Raul wants some information.

What don't you like about us?


I want you to work with me.

Len stole Eric's purse.

Business prevented him from going to the concert.