This cat is Sridharan's.

Marc wouldn't let Rolf in.


I needed a lot of courage to try eating that strange food.

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You have to deal with impatience!

The company's managers had a very lackadaisical attitude towards the safety of their workers.

She said absolutely nothing, and yet I guessed it all.


I'm really busy at the moment.

Did you complete the work?

Renu stared at Isaac blankly.


Were you sick?

The bells chimed as the couple left the church.

Her husband is usually drunk.


Bring him along.


Charleen knows that's true.

Perhaps the only adjective in the English language that can follow the noun it modifies is "unknown".

I waited outside for her.


We're doing exactly what Dani asked us to do.

Because there are a lot of volcanoes, it is easy for Japan to be hit by earthquakes.

That's not what's bothering me.

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It always snows in the Alps.

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Hein wanted to become a veterinarian.


Eva is almost always cheerful.

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The news says that there was a big earthquake in Greece.

A three-handed monster came out of the wardrobe.

Noemi never learned how to drive.

Isidore lent me this book last week.

Let's sit on the bench.


Good luck in life.


A storm is going to batter Brittany in the coming hours.


I come from Holland.

Listen up well to what I say to you.

I'll put some salt in the soup.

I know I left it somewhere down here in the basement.

Olympic athletes live in the Olympic village for the duration of the games.

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He's an affected boy who looks down his nose at everybody.

Don't tell me to calm down.

Tarmi lived there.

I often play soccer after class.

I've been there two weeks ago because of the desperation.

The sofa is wide enough for four people to sit on.

I should've known you wouldn't want to see me.


You don't need to worry about me anymore.

I just want to let you know that if I die today, I'll haunt you for the rest of your life.

Thanks so much for dinner.

This fish smells awful.

This heating system burns oil.

You cannot catch a heavy box with one hand.

Several gardeners look after the azaleas in the park.


Don't give me a call.


Panzer isn't on Facebook.

You're ruining everything.

Carl would've been here by now if his car hadn't broken down.

Is it happening?

Teriann doesn't know if Pierce is dead or alive.

That makes a big difference.

There was a bridge there.

You're afraid to sleep, aren't you?

Warts are ugly but harmless.

They fill you alone.

I don't understand what that means.

We went to Australia last summer.

Suu's dreams have come true.

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A red wine, please.

What about her?

I have not seen him for a long time.


Toft is an ignorant fool.

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Let us talk to them.


I don't see any reason for it.

The two sides struggled for hours in the hot summer sun.

You made a wise decision.

The change was immediate.

She acted as if she knew nothing.

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She's rich, but he's not.

What time will you arrive in Boston,Adrian?

Reflections could be seen in the puddles.

Why don't you change it?

Since our mother died we have had no happiness; our step-mother beats us every day, and if we come near her she kicks us away with her foot. Our meals are the hard crusts of bread that are left over; and the little dog under the table is better off, for she often throws it a nice bit. May Heaven pity us. If our mother only knew!

His apprehension greatly hinders his progress.

The kids fought each other, so that parents had to intervene.


Have dinner with us.


He was sent to prison for armed robbery.

Thanks a bunch.

Bart said he'd like to help.

The big toe on my right foot hurts.

Where is the ice cream man?


I love my mum.

I am eating fruit.

"It's just a big circle, you get high, you get tricked, you get the money and you just keep going around and going around, and you have to break off all of them to even be doing okay." It is an uphill battle. "I just need the support and to believe in myself that I can make it. It's a funny spot I'm in."


And they saw the new heaven and new earth.

You should have seen the film.

Brodie never loved you.


Those men were armed to the teeth.

Someone will do that job.

Don't lend books; no one gives them back. The only books that are still left in my library are ones that I have borrowed from other people.

It might have been real. Or maybe it was just a hallucination. I really hope it was the latter.

Burr made secret deals with a number of people.

We've got to go and help Courtney.

Let's listen to her story.

I know it's asking a lot.

Liber bought a fake Louis Vuitton handbag in Hong Kong.

He ran away with the money.

What color, in numbers?

The first electronic computer was produced in our country in 1941.

Vance is on his own.

I'd rather skip school and play video games.

This is on sale.

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When you're ready, tell me.

Norway has many old empty cattle sheds.

The policeman was off duty when he was shot to death.


Last night I arrived late.


You are much taller than you used to be.

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This textbook has a lot of notes.

Brandy has many powerful friends.

I met her by chance in the library.


When did you get to know them?

His mum doesn't remember what she found in that room.

What expensive pictures the man bought!

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You're the only person I know in Boston.

I would like to thank many people for helping me win this award, but I won't.

Money on hand goes away.


I've been there two weeks ago because of the despair.


Vote for Doug.

Vickie has done a terrific job.

I think we should concentrate on other things.

Take out your notebooks!

Kevan is a parasailing instructor.

Your behavior is creating a lot of problems.

I wear heels bigger than your dick.

I brought my kids up well.

What did you bring for us?

There's no stopping them.

Chuck and Darrell exchanged glances.

Whistling is to produce a high-pitched sound by making an O with the lips.

Kevan locked himself in the bathroom and started to cry.


They declined the invitation to our party.

Say what you will, he won't accept your invitation.

The boy has a paint spot on his shirt.

Let me show you how I do it.

Don't sugar your tea.


He played his trump card.

When I was in middle school, I had a friend in the track club who normally studied 3 hours a day. He didn't speed up the pace before tests. On the contrary, he didn't have any club activities and so had lot of free time, so before the test we would go to his house and play video games every day. If we hadn't done that, I would have gotten better grades too.

Don't make me sorry.

Try to speak French as often as possible if you want to improve your French.

Skeeter told me that he likes you a lot.

How did that get up there?

I'm sure Natraj will be able to get to the bottom of it.


Evan punched John in the stomach and walked away.

I've never liked him.

I don't know when he decided to leave Rome.

It is conceivable that he knows the rumor.

This is true in a large number of cases.

Men's natural rights are equal; claim is met by claim, effort by effort, and force by force.

I believe he gets up early.

I hope there's plenty of air in here.

Help me take this down.

It's not a wife that I want, but a sex friend.

These pants are dirty.

Do you want a glass of soda?

Before we try to move up to the next level, I think we need to focus on keeping what we have.

Let's study French.

I'm glad it works for you.