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In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity Words by Sun-Tzu, A Arte da Guerra

What Is Arbspiper?

We have developed a top notch software that scans and sends arbitrage games to you in Real Time as well as advise you on the best strategies to use in maximizing the opportunity

What We Do?

We provide you with arbitrage bets, this are bets so good you can bet on all possibilities of a game and get a profit however the game ends.

main questionWhat is arbitrage betting?

Spare 1 minute to read through and i promise this will blow your mind and change your income.

  • The Game

    In our example we will choose a football match playing today between Fc Barcelona and Real Madrid Fc. We will also choose to bet in the market for Over/under 2.5 goals.

  • The Betting Sites

    In our example we will use Betfair Sportsbook and Marathonbet. Both are great betting sites to start out when arbitrage betting.

  • The Odds

    The Odd for the match are:
    Over 2.5 goals : [2.3] in Betfair
    Under 2.5 goals: [1.85] in Marathonbet

  • The math

    if we have $100 in both sites, we will Bet $44.6 in Betfair and $55.4 in Marathonbet

    $44.6 * 2.3 = $102.58
    $55.4 * 1.85 = $102.49

  • Meaning

    This shows that we invested $44.6 and $55.4 adding up to 100$ and at the end of the game we have a minimum profit of $2.49 and maximum of $2.48 however the game goes.
    Amazing, right?

  • Now What?

    There are alot of this kind of games, alot. That is what we provide at an affordable price. Register with us and start accumulating sure wins instead of gambling. Arbitrage bets, gather wins.

FAQFrequently Asked Questions

What is arbitrage betting?

An arbitrage bet occurs when betting sites do not agree on the outcome of a game. This is reflected by the odds where they are so far apart meaning we can bet on all odds of the game and get a profit.

Is it legal?

Yes it's 100% legal. As Arbitrage Betters(Pipers) we are essentially just exploiting price differences in the betting market. Similar to what a trader does. This is therefore absolutely legal and also tax free in most states.

How much do i need to start?

We can essentially start with any amount depending with the package you choose. For the starter package $60 to $80 is advisable. For Seasoned Package $80 and above is advisable and for the elite package is for amounts above $500

How much profit can i get?

Most arbitrages range from 1% to 4%. This means for the game you are betting on you will get such an amount in profit, occassionally there are arbitrages above 5%, This means your profits will determine on how many games you can place in a day.

How long do i work daily?

To get decent profits you will require only upto 30 minutes a day. Example 15 minutes to place one game in the morning and 15 minutes to place another game in the afternoon.

What does arbspiper do?

We provide you with arbitrage bets, this are bets so good you can bet on all possibilities and get a profit however the game ends.

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