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Orchid Potting Mix

45 Fresh Made Hand-Blended Mixes
Potting Mixes for Orchids

27 Innovative Orchid Pots.

The rePotme Slot Pot

4 Different Sizes. 12 Brilliant Colors.

Fertilizers & Supplements


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100+ Unique Plastic Pots
Clear Pots for Orchids

The rePotme Oxygen Core Dual™ Orchid Pot

oxygen core dual orchid pot


12 Blends

Quantum Orchid

All Natural Probiotic for Vibrant Growth
Orchid Probiotic Supplement

Ceramic Pots

200+ Orchid / Bonsai / Violet Pots & More
Ceramic Orchid Pots


   Perfect for any occasion!

Potting Media

Over 60 Different Medium Choices!

Pest Control

Get Rid of What Bugs You!

Plastic Saucers

  Wide Selection of Colors and Sizes.

Orchid Supplies

Baskets, Labels, Mounts, Stakes & More

Select-A-Blend Mix

   Make Your Own Potting Mix
Make your own Orchid Mixes

Health Products

Keep Your Plants Big & Strong!

Humidity Trays

  Back in Black! - Now Available in 4 Sizes
Humidity Trays for Orchids - Houseplants - More


Wonderful Books for You!

Bonsai Soil Mixes

   8 Bonsai Soil Mixes


   Tons of Ways to Water Your Plant!


  Practical Orchid Care Tips

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  Learn How to Care for Orchids

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“Since I had such success with that mix and the Paph mix, I have converted some of my Phals to the Imperial Mix...they are showing the same results. Strong growth, good roots and spikes. Your mixes are always fresh and distinctive. I have found nothing on the market like them and recommend them to all my orchid friends. Not sure what you put in them but keep it up.”

- Cindy B.

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Orchid Mix FAQ - How to care for your fresh potting mix

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rePotme Orchid Supplies offers the highest quality, fresh-made 7786420740  (719) 662-6260  orchid pots,  4345094819 and (845) 466-6568 in addition to a wealth of orchid care information, and videos. 

We are orchid growers ourselves offering the orchid supplies we know work for us. Our orchid care and orchid repotting sections offer down-to-earth suggestions and orchid care tips. In fact, each and every orchid you see on our website is photographed by us from our collection. In addition to the photos that grace each page, a selection of our all time favorite orchid photos is available in the Orchid Gallery.

Our orchid supplies,  orchid mix,  orchid fertilizer,  orchid media and orchid pots are ideal for orchids and are also used for many other plants including bonsai, cactus, plumerias, clivias, hoyas and african violets. Tropical plants look great dressed up in a ceramic orchid pot and many enjoy growing in a slotted orchid pot as well. A clear pot gives a good view into the media and roots in the pot.

We make our potting mixes the old fashioned way -- no "secret ingredients", just the highest quality and finest media that can be had, and we tell you exactly what goes in to every one of our mixes. Would you have it any other way?

That's the way we do business too, no surprises, just impeccable service, lightning fast responsiveness and checking back with you on every order to make sure you are delighted with what you received. We treat you the same way we want to be treated. We treat your plants the same way, as we treat our own.

We deliver promptly to your door at affordable rates with tracking for your convenience.

We strive for happy customers, happy orchids and other prized plants along with first class service coupled with a constant search for the finest orchid media and orchid supplies on the planet. offers the highest quality orchid, african violet, bonsai, tropical, houseplant, and indoor garden supplies with small batch custom potting mixes, potting medias, pots, and fertilizers for orchids and all fine plants.

"Helping Bloom Happy Orchids One Pot At A Time For Over 25 Years"

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