Enjoyable Ride Sharing

What is Ridify?

Enjoyable Ride Sharing

Ride Sharing

Intra City

Find a Co-rider to Offer or Receive a ride for intra-city ride sharing

Independant Mode

Independant Mode

Choose mode of travel : Uber, Ola, taxis, autos, bikes et al

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Interest Tags

Meet like-minded people and make travel an engaging experience

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Real Connections

'Disconnect to Re-Connect' for real human experiences

Your Safety is our priorty


Coming Soon:User Identification for creating a safe community of verified co-riders

save not just money


Save money, environment and time with every ride.

About Ridify

Ridify is a travel-cum-social platform which connects like-minded co-riders to create an engaging commute experience, something we call 'Value-Travels'.

  • * Connect you with potential co-riders on the same route
  • * Works on real-time basis to provide you 'On the Go' rides
  • * Meet and travel with like-minded people from same 'Interest' communities
  • * Let’s you book an ‘Uber’ with or without your co-rider
We are trying to create a simple and open-source platform to optimize transportation in India and elsewhere

How it works

Set your From and Destination locations

  • • Set your time of travel (30 mins window)
  • • Select your interest-tags to find like-minded people (optional)
  • • Contact available matches for co-riding
  • • Confirm your ride and meet at common pick-up point
  • • Call an Uber if both/three of you need so (optional)
  • • Hop in and enjoy your journey


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