I assume you're angry.

Do you prefer Belgian or German beer?

Do you think Peggy would go on a date with me?

I told them they didn't have to do anything.

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It's missing.


How did you come to know her?

Have you ever read the old prophecy on the library window?

He did well for a beginner.

I used a screwdriver to turn the screw, but it just didn't want to turn.

Learning is one thing, and common sense another.

Kari is depressed.

Perhaps I should bake a cake today.

Friendship is a ship big enough to carry two in fair weather, but none in foul.

Last night, I was so tired that I fell asleep with the TV on.


Dennis wished Lum had told him earlier.


Kathryn woke up covered in sweat and his heart pounding.


Yes, I'm coming.

I'm here looking for her.

I want to see what Caroline found.

In the woods, she met with two strangers.

How was Hawaii?

We are in the black this month.

Try not to look so bored.

His heart bounded with expectation.

People don't always behave rationally.

I'm just happy I'm back.

She has a lot of faults; even so, she is liked by everybody.

Admission will be allotted in order of application.

What's your favorite car?

I felt the earthquake.

I'm trying not to get emotional.


It's better not to prattle on about meaningless things. The more you open your mouth the more likely you are to put your foot in it.

She visited not only Kyoto but also Nara.

I own a yacht.

While in Sweden, he had a Swedish girlfriend who taught him Swedish, then he married her.

I cannot help laughing at her joke.

You're cooking now.

Damon must be mad at me.


The government decided to ban the book on grounds of indecency.

That will be no longer a problem by this time next week.

Spy needed to fill out lots of forms.

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I think Hitoshi is courteous.

Everyone stared at them.

Written as it is in easy style, the book is for beginners.

Would you like some salad?

If only I were rich, I would buy a villa on the seashore.

Roland doesn't seem to hear so well.

I've decided to buy that farm we were looking at last week.

She kept silent about the problem.

Dori just wants to make sure.

You don't have to do everything people ask you to do.

I think you'll change your mind.


For example, this is a love song.

Having done my homework, I watched the baseball game on television.

He excelled in music even as a child.

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He has gained weight.

Does water conduct electricity?

This job doesn't pay.

Roberto didn't want to come sailing with us.

Laika was a small, stray mongrel picked up from the street.


She is a native speaker of Russian.


I know what I should've done, but I just didn't have enough time to do it.

I went out to get help.

I haven't been waiting so long.


The planets in our solar system are classified as inner planets and outer planets.


I accommodate statistics to theory.

The future and the past are alike.

I'll surprise her.

The actress fell backward over the stage.

On April 7, President Obama announced more than $100 million in grants to support high school models that better prepare students for college and the careers of the future.

I don't like this neighborhood much.

We came by a tiny village on our way to the country.

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No matter what anyone says, I plan to go.

It was good of you to give up your seat.

Jamie crushed the sheet of paper up into a ball and threw it across the room.

This only happens in Australia.

My brother is two years older than I am.

I bet I can do better than Vice.

Saqib has been trying to get in touch with you.

Is Aaron always so helpful?

You should have locked, or at least closed, all the doors.


Seeing that he is angry, there must be some misunderstanding.

Recently I get leg cramps when I sleep.

The danger of AIDS came home to me when I saw a documentary film on it last night.

It was raining heavily in Osaka.

Look, it's hopeless.


Stan put the diamonds into the safe.

I prefer coffee to tea.

Stop right there, please.

We could see the lights of the town in the distance.

I can't take much more of this.


The more you wait, the worse it's going to get.

I'm happy to be here.

She's been living in this city for five years.

Did Lanny tell you anything about his family?

We are near awakening when we dream that we dream.


The race was watched by a crowd of nearly a quarter of a million people.


We have no options but to continue.

The more time the student has to prepare something, the less he will use to actually prepare it.

Please introduce me to your new friends.

You couldn't have picked a better time.

I played with the computer.

The basis of this system is that the students must take turns in teaching, they have to help each other.

I've converted all the audio files to MP3 files.


What he said embarrassed me.

The cause of the fire is yet unknown.

How did Sanjeev know he needed that?

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Hello? Are you still there?

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Clearly, you're angry with Ramsey.


Don't give in to despair just because you didn't get into the college that was at the top of your wish-list.

A house without love is no more a home than a body without a soul is a man.

I've always distrusted you.

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Did Toufic tell you he asked Dimitry to babysit tonight?

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I'm just talking to my friends.

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I never forget a face, but in your case I'll be glad to make an exception.

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I've seen her.

"Mmmmn ... maybe I'll have a hair of the dog." "Whoa, hold up a mo! Here, I cooked roast fish for this morning. You ought to be able to eat this OK."

His spirit still haunts the manor.

You'll be safe here.

My house is near the church.

Has anyone read that book?

I see and hear.

Tell me about it. I'm all ears.

I want you to lie still for a few hours.

It was a most beautiful flower.

Hilda doesn't know what Lindsay wants to eat for dinner.

I've lost the key to my room.

He was not a good speaker.

I want you out of my room.

Let's go to the zoo to watch them feed the seals.

I told her about that.

Matti nodded nervously.

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They betrayed Root.

Your uncle, a journalist, used to write for the Folha.

I understand now.

I'm worried about Albert, too.

Rolf couldn't have shot anyone.

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You're soaking wet.


I don't see any difference.

It is crazy of him to leave the door open.

Dr. George's secretary is Japanese.

Skeeter's kids graduated from public schools.

We strolled through the park.

Let me talk to Werner alone, OK?

I'm not letting you go.

Since it stopped raining, he went out for a walk.

That's a lot of work.

A person like Murray probably knows how to speak French.

I wish that you had also been able to see.

This is a sunflower.

He does not like to take a bus, no matter when.


The Earth revolves around the Sun.


I've been helping Geoff study for the GRE.

Is Martha seriously thinking about not going to today's meeting?

Brenda is very talented, isn't he?

Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.

It was a bold decision.

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Meat and eggs have a lot of protein.

Don't you want to win?

What a shame to just endure life rather than enjoying it.

The eye has the natural ability to see.

Why don't you try asking Maarten for advice?


Death is like a race in which everyone tries to finish last.

The defendant will appeal to a higher court.

Clarissa hasn't seen Those in three years.