There are many familiar words.

I think it's strange that Alice should keep silent for such a long time.

He tried very hard to live up to his parents expectations.

Do you suppose that we're actually in any danger?

Everybody loves somebody sometimes.

Emma always seems to be short of money.

We're all very fortunate.

The more one judges, the less one loves.

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Marsh, I want you to stop this.


The day before Thanksgiving, the supermarkets are full to bursting.

Let me help you with the dishes.

What do you have against them?

Kinch continued writing.

This isn't your place, is it?

We've had a good time.

Do you mind if I sleep here?

Why should I care about Kimberly?

The drivers are at the starting line and raring to go!


Noemi doesn't agree with Samuel.


It's not necessary for you to do that.

He is my only passion in life.

My grandmother Helen loved to crochet and knit, but she had to quit when her vision worsened.

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It was the year A.F. 632. "A.F." meant "After Ford" as in the T-Model.

We set the time and date for the game.

Antonella is shaving.

He recognizes his fault.

You're starting to warm up now.

I don't know when Drew will be back.

The older, the wiser.

I think I need to sit down.

Norm spoke in a loud whisper.

She folded the quilt.

I have no more than ten English textbooks.

It is a great privilege to be with you in Tatoeba.

Is this sentence in the present perfect or simple past?

Can't you peel an orange?

She has never visited her.

I think Diana is the most beautiful woman I've ever seen.

I'm vaguely familiar with it.


That's his home.

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Would you give Price a message for me?


Can I say something?


Alvin says he doesn't feel tired.

I think you know why I'm here.

People with physical disabilities abhor being pitied.

Sekar has another problem.

The government of the United States put down the biggest terrorist.


That was what I meant.

I really wish Johnathan would behave himself.

The chimney is belching black smoke.

I made a judgment call.

This is an animal found in that desert.

It's a magic number.

He was known to everybody in the village.

Corey slammed the door as he left.

Debbie can't make me do it.

Is this the Oosakayaki I hear about?

Vick was hiding in some bushes.

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He is famous as a good doctor.


He is writing a letter to his parents now.

Laurianne asked me to shut the gate.

Can you imagine doing this by yourself?


It's so teeny tiny!

He did it out of curiosity.

I just proposed a new version.

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I drank too much wine, and became dizzy.

Theodore had to go to school.

Loren knew what Robin was going to say.

The sales girl waited on me.

Did you do that purposely?


We have no need for assistance.


A wife of noble character who can find? She is worth far more than rubies.

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Who said it is bad?


Shyam and Kolkka usually speak to each other in French.

Your task will not be an easy one.

Is Dan going somewhere?

It doesn't matter whether it rains or shines.

Give me that phone back.

She adapts herself to circumstances.

Jerry doesn't count on me.

Sometimes it is important to take a decision quickly.

Are you at liberty to talk?


You are coming home late, right?

We had to dip into our savings in order to pay the unexpected medical expenses.

I suggest you discuss that with Root.

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I'd like to learn French.

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Steven overheard Reiner and John's conversation.

I'll be here.

Skeeter didn't approve of the way Damon dressed.


What if Joshua doesn't make it?

Mosur has a good reason for avoiding Shane.

She wants to do it on her own.

Nou climbed up three flights of stairs.

The trainer advised Angela to avoid strenuous exercise.


That guy today, he's being too eccentric - I can't keep up with him.

Huey checked out a few books from the school library a few days ago.

I like talking.

I really loved them.

He's a take-charge boss.

I'll ask around and tell you if I find out anything.

Her job brings in a high income.

Come with us.

She glanced shyly at him.

He came about four o'clock.

Weather permitting, we are going to get to the top of the mountain tomorrow.


God, give me patience!


We need to leave at once.

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Kelly lost it.

I'm the leader here.

This is the final boarding call for Flight 33 to Boston, boarding at Gate 13A.

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Derek has already told me what I wanted to know.


I'm going to follow them.

It seemed like a good plan.

That should never ever be allowed to happen again.

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Wake me up before you wake up.

Jayant thinks that cars have faces.

Please, let me go through!

Excuse me, is Nancy here today?

We'll be ready when you get here.

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I'm very fond of you.

Where are you sleeping tonight?

The water perforates the stone.

The mortality rate per 1000 live births are set out in figure 13.1.

Gene bet Hazel dinner that it doesn't rain this week.

Norm deposited some money in his savings account just yesterday.

What would you have done in his place?

I'm sure Alf won't tell Kari.

I've been dreaming about this.

I can't trust Rafik.

I'd like to ask Matti that myself.


We were both safe.

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Did you really talk to them?

Nigel has made a decision.

The name of my country is written without any article.

I am not sure.

I cannot translate this book.

Why is it the mass media didn't report this?

I'm still mad at them.

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Nora went skiing alone.


I don't know and neither does he.

I can't stand the noise from the street.

This restaurant has pulao, right?

I scoff at it.

I blame myself.

Its surface was as flat as a mirror.

I think I found the problem.


I asked her to marry me and she accepted.

It was really quite exciting.

I hadn't bargained on such a heavy traffic jam.

"I'd like to talk to you about the birds and the bees, son." "What would you like to know, dad?"

This is taking longer than I thought it would.

Nichael wasn't exaggerating.

You'll regret doing this.

A white boat came into sight.

I bought a book and he a ruler.

She pushed him out the window.

I can't imagine what life would be like without you.


I had to tell them.

You can't really read my mind, can you?

I hope you don't suffer from claustrophobia.

I put my suitcase in the baggage room yesterday, but now it seems to be missing.

I couldn't get Piete to wake up.

Why do many Catholics eat fish on Fridays?

Ritchey suspected that Phiroze had cheated on the test.