We have a margin of just five minutes to change trains.

He is from France.

Maybe this year we'll finally win Eurovision.

Pass the sugar, please.

Rogue disobeyed me.


You guys were right.


Shean and Leonard have just come back from Boston.

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What a colossal waste of time!

He married Ann.

They all laughed at his jokes.

Isn't it about time we left?

That blouse doesn't go with that skirt.

Haiku is a poetic form originating in Japan.

Didn't you see them at dinner?

My grandmother can fly.

I can recognize him even in a crowd.


We should do everything ourselves.

He likes soccer a lot.

The legal system in the United States is the world's finest.

I'm not sure I trust you.

Whoever doesn't capitalize when the opportunity presents itself will later regret not having used the chance.

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Brett got a good grade in science.

When I heard that, I put two and two together.

They're probably studying.

Snow White sings Sleepy a lullaby with pleasure.

She did warn Irfan.


Andries will be back in a few minutes.

The power has been off since this morning.

Jonathan climbed up so high that we couldn't see him.

She wants you to learn how to read.

Any time I see blood, I faint!


Women are persons.

When you rely on the team too much, it may reduce your individual competitive instincts.

I haven't seen my family since 2013.

My friends say I'm a prolific writer, but I haven't written anything for months.

Today the postman brought your very sweet gift.


Stan explained the problem to Knapper.


Dion will do it tomorrow.


That is simply not true.


I'm having a good time.

What did Pia sing at your wedding?

We ended up going home early.


I was born on the twenty second of November, nineteen forty eight.

Do you think you're strong?

I need another piece for comparison.


He gives meat to the dog.

May I see the telephone directory?

I'm astonished.


Brandy's conduct is a reflection on the way he was brought up.

Keep them away from me.

Oh, It's cheap!


Quite a lot of friends and acquaintances have come.

The conclusion is crystal clear.

Dan noticed that there were cops all around him at the petrol station.

The police found the politician dead in his room.

He wants his approval.

Bonnie was happy for a time.

I hate long speeches.

I just want to find them.

Ice is solid.

He is probably as disgusted by this as I am.

The manner in which he was apprehended shows that he was not much known, at that time.


This is a non-smoking compartment.

I can't believe that didn't work.

Sheila knows many French songs.

Jeanette didn't want to disappoint his father.

So I can go, right?


Brent kissed my hand.

I wish he could have driven a car a year ago.

With a good trainer, the swimmer is bound to win.

In my youth, I was wronged.

I am awkward with numbers.

It's to your left.

If I were you, I'd listen to Subra's advice.

If you want to keep meat for a long time, freeze it.

Mimouna? No, never heard of that.

I've tried swimming in the river.

Let's drink one more and I'll drive you home.

You can use my car today.

That's him at the window.


Ray and Philip have three daughters.


The mountain peak was covered with snow.

I have two tickets for the game.

We are to meet at seven.

I have one final piece of advice related to handshakes: Remember to smile.

You obviously love Ritchey and he obviously loves you.

I needed to talk to them.

As the days passed by, we began to understand what kind of problem we had got into.


Your selfishness will lose you your friends.


This project turned out to be a tough nut to crack.

When happiness comes knocking at your door.

I'm going to wait for Gill.

Does it bother you that Pilar is doing that?

I work for a stock company.

My rifle's empty.

I'm not interested.

Following the heavy rainfall, there was a big flood.

Sergei ran to the bathroom.

Bob seems excited about watching the soccer game.

We all consider it wrong to cheat in exams.

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When I heard the news, I cried.

Now I feel the same.

I'm going now!

Tollefsen doesn't have the ability to finish the job by himself.

Hi, we are calling to report a missing person.


It's not possible to legislate against stupidity.

It isn't optional.

Can you come and get me?


Did you see the game yesterday between the Hanshin Tigers and the Tokyo Giants?

How I'd like to be with you!

Juergen talked with his friends about it.

Gene is waiting for his friend.

We can pay.

I wonder when they'll come out with a cell phone in a wrist watch.

I think that although the transportation system in Japan is convenient, the cost of living there is not very low.

Panacea knows.

I finished the wine and set down the glass.

Is there a problem with your order?

It's really not that bad.

Do you live near here?

Are you waiting for us?

Is that black briefcase yours?

Oh my God, it's my house!

He had difficulty in hearing and could not walk.

Tell us everything you know about the problem.

Make a spoon or spoil a horn.

We can't leave them behind.

She answered him with cold civility.

"Did you sleep well?" "I slept like a log."

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Don't look so upset.

We tried so hard to make things better for our kids that we made them worse.

I'll tell Glenn you were here.

I think that's for Liber to decide.

I had no choice but to go.

They took a brief vacation.

I ate apples.


And that's how I was late to school.


Eddy tripped and fell flat on his face in the snow.

Idle hands are the devil's playthings.

The teacher didn't permit me to leave early.

The post office is closed.

Most of Piete's friends know that he's in the hospital.

Hey, Molly, why don't you come?

Why don't you go on ahead without me?

I gave it up after my father had given me a good scolding.

Thanks for telling me.

Hienz doesn't like driving in Boston.

Arlene is the kind of guy you just can't hate.

What happened that made you want to stop?

What if I refuse?

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The road is free.


Markus never cheats.

We need to let our students be more creative.

The police acquainted him with the event.

What is the largest mountain in Japan?

Are there public restrooms in this building?

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I'm sorry I missed your party.

Spass lied to you, didn't he?

All our efforts were in vain.


Return to the ship.

That was a new experience for me.

Yuka types better than Alice.

What did they offer?

He will have reached Osaka by now.

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His ideas are always very practical.


It's actually harder than it looks.