She didn't give an answer to every question.

How was I to know Edgar would change his mind?

You're confusing Shahid.

No, that's not the right way. You have to turn it the other way round.

Tell me which bread you want to eat.

Computers have invaded every field.

The doctor insisted that he stay in bed.

I've got some gasoline right here.

I told Jochen to be quiet.

Come to think of it, a Jew has never come to my door trying to convert me to Judaism. A point in their favor!

She fell in love with a gay guy from the gym.

Lievaart couldn't remember where he'd first met Swamy.

Dannie was seriously injured.

I prefer poetry to novels.

How much damage was done?

You can't be two places at once.

There is only one religion, though there are a hundred versions of it.

I found something even sexier.


Of course, I haven't seen all marijuana users. But marijuana use causes temporary stupidity. Everyone knows that.

I think Mara has lied to us.

Let Vic know what's happening.

Babies can become dehydrated from a high fever, so I was told that it would be better to send him to the hospital.

I want her to know the truth.


I can't take any more!

Faster, Siping.

Your new school doesn't have a swimming pool.


She had a very volatile relationship with her sister.

I didn't bring enough money.

He isn't very good at math.

I went to the police.

I didn't think Andrew would give up like that.


He was destined never to see his wife again.

Go and clean up your face!

I'm going to have to cancel my appointment.

I had been staying in Boston before I came back to Japan.

Have you completed your preparations for tomorrow?


Take a fresh look at your lifestyle.

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The kid kept all of his coins in a piggy bank.


Let me hear from you very soon.

I refuse to choreograph such a hideous and immoral production.

I have to be honest. I was a little bit nervous the first time I had an MRI scan.

What she bought there was a camera.

I will repair that machine myself.

Have you told Panzer where to put his stuff?

Dan didn't even smile.

"How many times did he kiss you?" "Just once."

I've done nothing.

I don't want to eat that banana.

Did you hear that sound?


They sue companies that sell MP3 players without paying them.

He's always so fast!

Moderate exercise stimulates the circulation of the blood.

Keep Ellen quiet.

A beautiful woman was seated one row in front of me.

The weather has been unusual this year.

Put all your waste paper in this basket.


Here, this is for you!

I was worried for nothing.

They are good people.


Can you do that in a day?


Anthony looked like he was going to cry.


I will.

Thanks to life.

Possibly I am a hundred, possibly more; but I cannot tell because I have never aged as other men, nor do I remember any childhood.

Now I'm really confused.

It was icky.

46 million Americans lived under the poverty line in 2010.

You'd better leave now.

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Has Ted been informed of this?

He is financially embarrassed.

Clarissa declared war on the corruption in his country.

Justin certainly helped make this a better place to live.

Please go around to the side of the house.


Convenience stores sell candy bars.

Yumi's hobby is singing popular songs.

Your money isn't backed by gold or some other valuable substance.


They said so, but she thought to the contrary.


I prefer to walk.

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I've called and called, but there's no answer.

A middle-aged woman is a woman who is past her prime.

I take sides with you.

You were the one who told me it was safe here.

My boss said that he was pleased with my performance.

We aren't in any danger, are we?

I am a cat.

Little remains to be said.

He chose every word with care.

I shouldn't have wasted my time trying to convince Vic to change his mind.

Explain to him the difficult situation you are in.

We don't know if her parents will come tomorrow or not.

I want you to know that I will work very hard.

It seems like you're trying to provoke a fight.

She sometimes goes into a mood of depression.

Dr. Hideo Noguchi died in Africa in 1928.

I'm fairly sure it'll work.


It wasn't long before Victoria got tired and went to sleep.

I saw the boat sink.

I'm staying with her.

Kent misled you.

I don't remind them of their debts.

Let's begin at the last line but one.

I was always different.

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This story is worth reading.


Hazel is going to be happy here.

I could go there now.

I told him not to come here.


He seldom, if ever, laughs.

It's nothing worth considering.

We know the score.

Since it was already late, I went to sleep.

I can't abide that noise.

I spent a week in the hospital.

I made soup in a big pot.

I wanted to invite Mr. Jinsu this evening to thank him for helping me earlier.

Don't tell me you agree with Srikanth.

Julianto's all right now.

Why should I trust you now?

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I'm determined to solve this puzzle before I go to bed.

Sanand won't let us do that.

Gabriel answered correctly.

Gordon is in pretty good shape for his age.

A doctor was called in right away.

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We're not working for Murthy.


I feel that someone tapped my shoulder.

Shean helped Courtney get back on her feet.

She is as poor as ever.

That's going to take time.

There was a limousine waiting for Kenton outside the hotel.


His experience lies in the field of entrepreneurship and social responsibility services.

"Wow, your brother is really handsome!" "And what am I, chopped liver?"

I'm getting tired of your complaints.

He deals in whiskey.

Thousands of people rushed to Nome.

It's really dangerous.

Konstantinos saw Hunter kissing John.

I went to college with her.

We require your help.

Is Judy going to help Gretchen?

He was so tired that he could hardly walk.


We're cultured.

Did you figure this out on your own?

I didn't know about this.


I understand your concerns.

Mehrdad acts like he doesn't even know who Angela is.

She concealed the change in her feelings toward him.

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Nothing is more disappointing than to lose in the finals.

I go to the office by bicycle except on rainy days.

Stacy showed up a tad late.

My hobby is writing stories.

No sooner had he struck the match than the bomb exploded.

Now let me entertain you with music.

Won't you stay just a little longer?

I drink milk.

When she falls in love, she looks depressed.

He usually went to the beach on Friday.

I have an obligation to look out for Claudio's interests.

It's a deep feeling, yes really.

Rafael was the talk of the town.

Heidi has more money than brains.

Where's Dewey tonight?


I don't diet anymore, I just try to eat healthy, exercise, and if I lose weight, great.

Do you want her to wait?

I put your name on the tile.


These days many young people work without much focus; my friend's son hadn't gone two years after graduating before he'd changed jobs five times.

I never forgot that.

I hope Manuel isn't angry.

I'm not through with him.

Do you have plans for Monday night?


The young boy got sticky fingers when he walked into stores.