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Dr Ming Wang on show "Bridge with Monia"
Dr Ming Wang on the show "Bridge with Monia"
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Dr. Ming Wang is a uniquely qualified corneal refractive surgeon. He holds a Harvard Medical School and MIT degree (magna cum laude, 1991) as well as a doctoral degree in laser physics. He is both an accomplished scientist and a talented artist.

As the founding director of the renowned Wang Vision 3D Cataract and LASIK center in Nashville, TN, he excels in his profession as a compassionate ophthalmologist who cares deeply about his patients and continues to strive to give them the best eye care possible.

As an accomplished research scientist, he has made worthwhile contributions to various areas of molecular biology (see Nature, 360, 606, 1992) and ophthalmology including being a principle investigator of an NIH grant on amniotic contact lenses and the biotech company that he cofounded with Vanderbilt, EyeVU.

As a talented artist, passionate about ballroom dancing and music, he brings to people around him a sense of joy for rhythm and movement, the appreciation for fine art and many romantic and beautiful melodies of life.

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Dr. Ming Wang, MD, PhD, Director
Wang Vision Institute, Nashville TN 37203
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