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They built the ship in accordance with the plans.

I don't have a credit card.

Which is your mansion?

Control yourself.

Enjoy your life while you are able to.

Circuses offer toys for prizes.

He is reserved by nature.

To reduce the risk of fire or electric shock, do not expose this apparatus to rain or moisture.

I don't like being a secretary.


Rajarshi's injuries aren't very serious.

He's running wild.

I think it's a rather boring sentence.

Julius doesn't want to negotiate.

I'm not going to look.

"Forever and always!" replied the little white rabbit.

Look, I really need some help.

Jennie needs to get started.

Do you want to go back?


I don't know why Stanley is so angry.

Throw him out.

Are you agreeable?

The police will soon arrive on the scene.

How long did you live there?


How is it that you're always so full of energy?

Look, I need this vacation to recharge my batteries a bit.

You're finicky.


Don't rule it out completely.

I wonder what it is like to travel through space.

We have people who do that for us.

I hope that isn't true.

The boiler was heavily scaled.

Dan was stunned by what he had just heard.

I'd love to stay, but I have somewhere else I need to be.

This doesn't happen very often.

I know that you still see me in your dreams.


How much housework did you do?

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Mr Johnson, president of the club, will soon come.


I'm not a good singer.


Is there a place I can smoke?

Clean out the shed and throw away things you don't need.

Please hold a moment. I will see if he is back.

They carried out a new chemical experiment.

Do you like anchovies?

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You must swallow pills, not chew them in your mouth.


Dan didn't even speak.

Ed is a survivor.

He looked upon the scene without much interest.

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There's something I have to know.


Do you want to know what your problem is?


The murder remains a mystery.

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Hon and Elisabeth went to school together.

Susanne and Edith are both very conservative.

It took more than three billion years for life on Earth to evolve.

There are some broken wine bottles in the sink.

Scott has everything a boy could want.

I'm on my way home.

We have a good team and everyone knows it.

I want to learn how to snowboard.

The store changed hands at the end of last summer.


She spoke in a querulous voice.

She seems to be involved in that murder case.

That was fun to do.

I couldn't make head or tail of it.

I've got something far crazier in mind!


My mother made a sweater for me.

Will you hand in your essays at the end of the lesson?

Stevan doesn't watch TV.

I hope I'm not the only one who's going to be there.

Beckie is an amazing filmmaker.

The old man is very kind.

"Let us begin today's lesson by opening our books to page 156," said the teacher.

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Tomas is thinking about getting married.

She will have been married for six years on June 10th of this year.

What are Stevan and Donnie going to wear to the Halloween party?


To my dismay, he was caught cheating in the examination.

I'd better warn Kerri.

I don't know whether it's important to you, but it's very important to me.


The truth is that he didn't write a letter to her.

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Clare is the fattest man I know.


This was easier than I thought it would be.

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Revised promised Dannie that he'd pay back all the money that he'd borrowed from her.

I deny his request.

The weather has been unusual this year.

Caroline said he wanted to dye his hair black.

My grandfather passed away three years ago.


Christopher rolled the window down.

The children are afraid of me.

Bush is not a war criminal.

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His plans are a riddle.

There's no magic bullet.

Tareq hasn't gone anywhere. He's still in his room.

What does it take in these brave new days to keep word or pattern alive? You need but use it where gleaners can find it.

You look different.

Alejandra is from Colombia. She is Colombian.

In all of our efforts, foremost in our minds is the loss and the grief of the people of Orlando -- those who died, those who are still recovering, the families who have seen their loved ones harmed, the friends of ours who are lesbian and gay and bisexual and transgender who were targeted. I want to remind them that they are not alone. The American people, and our allies and friends all over the world, stand with you and are thinking about you, and are praying for you.


Everything is in the hands of God.


What do you usually do after school?

He's been waiting here for a long time.

The typhoon struck the city, causing great damage.

Let me point out the elephant in the room.

I've been in contact with Rainer.


The view from the summit of the mountain was breathtaking.


We have extracurricular activities after school.

I'm afraid it will be rainy tomorrow.

The thin line between sanity and madness has gotten finer.


I came to talk about him.

The price is a little high for me.

The school is closed due to the snow.

Where does this train go?

I'll give you all the money you want.


They knelt and thanked God for sending them rain.

I suppose we won't meet again.

Luckily, the treatment was only ineffective instead of harmful.


Let's turn back.


Just follow my lead.


Marilyn was caught in the rain and his new suit got ruined.

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I found out why the car wouldn't start.

You were absent from school yesterday.

Thanks for staying so late.

This forest is quiet and peaceful.

Don't make a noise while your father is asleep.

You have nothing to be sorry for.

It was almost funny.

Don't miss the train this afternoon!

Both you and I are men.

He advised me not to believe what she says.

Winning the competition is important. However, fair play is more important. You need to understand that winning is not the most important thing.

I just wanted somebody to help me.

Psycho-horror films dealing with the mysteries of human psychology are popular these days.

Page is always hard at work.

The principal theme of the book is the American Revolution.


This is a precious chance to get Sammy's autograph.

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Lynn believes that as long as you speak English, you'll have no problems going anywhere in the world.

He did not know where to go.

We're responsible for them.


I just had to see this for myself.

His body ached.

Are you going to the theater tonight?

Seasons are reversed in the southern hemisphere.

Aren't you selling this at a discount price?

I have a test next week.

Japan is an industrial nation.

I just wanted to see her.

It is important to be accomplished in some art.

"It's better to die on your feet than to live on your knees." "Then why are you still alive?"

Ron wants to have a talk with Matthieu.

Get me something to eat.

In 1492 Antonio de Nebrija said that language is the handmaiden of empire.

Wanna go to a movie tomorrow night?

Juergen hasn't got much money with him.

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Dolphins are really smart.


I was born the year my grandfather died.

I quoted some famous phrases in my book.

I have seen various difficulties.

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Books are now within the reach of everybody.

This medicine is good for headaches.

Bring it back to me.

We will visit our siblings.

I'm not alone.