Why iGlobeSIM?


Low Cost

Global mobile connectivity at best price for any application or service



Simple plug-n-play service designed to support a full range of applications



Full security including private APN, VPN, IP-SEC & fixed IP as needed


Reliable / QoS

At least 2 networks per country, non-steered SIM free to select best signal


iGlobeSIM is designed to support connectivity to a wide range of applications, each with different requirements, such as number of networks per country to ensure best signal everywhere, massive volume of worldwide broadband connectivity, ability to handle critical M2M applications with real-time big-data analysis, combination of voice and mobile-broadband traffic, personal hot-spot in rural areas, and even high-end & heavy broadband usage of in-car entertainment and video surveillance.


A single SIM for all your local and global needs

It Is All About The SIM

iGlobeSIM is a state-of-the-art eUICC (eSIM) standard, industrial (xFF) or embedded (MFF). iGlobeSIM offers the ability to change the full profile of the SIM (IMSI) to any service provider over-the-air (OTA) based on the business needs without needing to physically change the SIM card itself in the device.

Maximum Control

iGlobeSIM includes a complete asset management platform with unlimited enhanced features and capabilities to manage the deployed SIMs, change profiles (IMSI) of SIMs over-the-air (OTA) including the operators, and control the devices globally. iGlobeSIM offers a lifetime remote management.

Any Device

iGlobeSIM is hardware agnostic mobile connectivity service that can work on any device anywhere. With over 28 billion expected connected devices by 2021, iGlobleSIM is the leading connectivity solution that not only reduce the cost of ownership, but also the risks involved in global IoT deployment.










Our Products


Massive IoT/M2M

1€ / Year


50 MB included

Additional MB / from 2¢

Critical IoT/M2M

10€ / Lifetime


500 MB included

Additional MB / from 2¢

Internet Access

2€ / 1GB


up to 300 mbps

3G / 4G / LTE

Internet Access



Go Europe!

20GB per Month