Custom Built Data Services for Small and Medium Sized Businesses and Organizations

SAVE AS MUCH AS 80% OFF PROJECT TIMELINES AND COSTS — we can design a custom data model to your exact requirements, and provision a custom software-as-a-service (SaaS) database application the following day.

You can order data model updates to your project as your requirements expand, and/or change. We use an iterative data modeling and auto-build approach to quickly get your project up and running. Over successive iterations you can fine-tune your requirements as your project takes shape.

Smaller projects can be completed in a single data modeling and auto-build iteration. Larger projects can be implemented over succesive data modeling and auto-build iterations. Either way your project can be initially up and running overnight.

Choose a service plan to support from 2 users to 100 users, or more. Upgrade or downgrade your service plan any month. All service plans are billed pay-as-you-go monthly.

All service plans include daily encrypted data backups, plus an admin-user account to download data backups. The admin-user account allows controls private data access per data view per end-user account.

Plus, if you want to publics public data on your website then you can order one or more public data views (data returned in JSON format). You can thus add query controls and format data results integrated into your website. Do the integration yourself, or hire a web consultant, or ask us for a firm job quote.

Contact us today for more information and to request an end-user account to a demo database application.

Get a Demo User Account

Try an OspreySaaS auto-built database application. Email Aguila to try it. Then put us to work on your own custom data model: we can usually have a project up and running within days.

Custom Data Models

  • Let us work with you to specify your data needs exactly according to your information requirements.
  • We'll translate your requirements into a custom data model.

OspreySaaS: Custom Database Applications

  • As soon as a custom data model has been specified then using OspreySaaS we can auto-build a custom database application for you to run as an Osprey Data Service.
  • OspreySaaS eliminates hand-coded programming so one your data model is ready then we can usually have a database application services running for you within a day.

Incremental Design and Build Process

OspreySaaS projects are modeled and built incrementally. You can have your project up and running in a few days, and build and/or modify your project incremenatly.

Custom Extensions

Osprey Data Services are extensible, so you can order custom extensions.

Public Data Views
  • Order public data views to query from your existing website.
  • OspreySaaS includes an API by which you can query public data views. You can thus display query results on your website — see liegeman
  • Have your website designer integrate the public data views, or contract Aguila to do the same.
Specialized Data Processing
  • If you require specialized data processing then we can probably develop a solution for you.
  • For example, a dementia care facility needed data and graphics integration to draw personalized posters for dementia care residents. We extended their OspreySaaS project to output custom posters for dementia care residents, including health care alerts — see 409-866-8682

Concierge Service

Every project includes concierge service — a dedicated human contact — to help fast-track your project, including help to import existing data.