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Places to Visit in Hyderabad Birla Mandir The Birla Mandir is one of the most popular sights in Hyderabad; this ghostly white marble construction was built in 1976 and is dedicated to […]

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Mumbai: The City of Dreams

Mumbai has a typical subtropical climate. Winter is an unknown identity in these lands. However, it tends to get sticky and humid during the summer months. Hence, it should be […]

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Jaipur’s culture and history reminds us of an epic novel; there are grand buildings, intricate love stories, heroic battles and glamorous, multi-faceted characters (especially the Maharajas). Rajasthan is one of […]

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Some Of The Most Religious Places In Mumbai

Siddhivinayak Temple Famous Hindu Temple dedicated to Lord Shri Ganesh. A famous Hindu temple in Mumbai, Siddhivinayak Temple is located in Prabhadevi area, near Dadar railway station. This temple was constructed way […]


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Delhi, city of djinns and history, is one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world. From the glittering Mughal minarets of the old city to the orderly structure of […]

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Places To Visit In Bangalore With Friends

If you’ve just moved into the city for that new job or course, or are visiting your grandparents for a vacation, then you’re probably bored with your evenings and weekends. […]



Lovingly called the ‘City of Dreams’, Mumbai is known for its pulsating vibe and an amazing charm that spreads like magic. Though the city serves as the commercial capital of India […]

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Think of Goa, and think of a coastal retreat with sights of gleaming sands and azure waters with a shimmering sun in the backdrop. A lush green landscape edges the […]

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Kashmir is a place too magical for anyone not to be mesmerised by her beauty. It is rightfully called paradise on earth. My two visits to Srinagar were one week […]

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Places To Visit In Lonavala: Lonavala Lake: Whether it’s a walk with your partner around the Lonavala Lake or a picnic lunch with the kids, this place is ideal for spending […]