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Ted looked at me suspiciously.


That didn't hurt.

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There was a violent storm at sea.

She treated her broken leg.

It's a classic commuter town, even during the day there are few people around.


Alain bought a new swivel chair to go with his new computer desk.

Everyone ignored her.

I would complain.

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Jack once gave a helping hand to Robert, who was in trouble; and now Robert, in turn, is of great help to Jack.


I shouldn't have believed Lonhyn.

Sorry to bother you!

Would you give me a discount?

It's hard to speak French well.

Thursday Island is situated in the Torres Strait between Australia's northernmost Cape York and New Guinea.

I've seen her around.

Republicans and Democrats, Christians, Atheists, Muslims and all other faiths, Americans and Immigrants, everyone was united in grief for the devastation of 9/11.


It's difficult to get a job at the moment

I am sorry to have missed the TV program last night.

She works all night.


We highly recommend using one of three preset modes to achieve optimal results.

The girl usually drinks orange juice.

I'm keeping my mouth shut.

I can't fathom why somebody would make something like that up.

Despite their bulk and weight, hippos can swim rapidly.

I don't know what to do with my leisure.

There were black clouds over our heads.


To live is to have doubts.

Randal shaved his mustache off.

I want you to take a look at this.

They both got sent to the principal's office for misbehaving in class.

We spoke in the car.


I want to meet him to see whether or not he gives me useful information.


I had nothing to do with the accident.

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The widget that overcomes Web-Marketing's weaknesses.

Help me print this.

She's reading Chinese.

Come home before it gets dark.

At first sight, it seemed larger to me.


Tovah's colleague has just received another prize for his research.

Gregge asked if he could walk me home.

The tornado is getting bigger and bigger.

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I got a good idea.


I liked Sundaresan's first book more than the second.


We adopted Rudolph.

I'll ask Briggs.

This is somewhat personal.

Is there anyone living in that house?

Get on the bus one by one.

Just give me my money.

These jeans feel too tight. May I try on another size?

You volunteered for this.

I think you should double-check your facts.

Perfection isn't good enough.

Boyce was third in line.

He was respected as their teacher.

He went skiing.

All you need to do is wait.

I hope that, with these examples, you can understand better.

Are you here for business?

We're out of control.

He seems to be always in conflict with someone.

Per kept his opinion to himself.

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We won't get off this island alive.

It isn't there.

Yes, it's true!


There doesn't seem to be anyone living around here.

The good news is that Annard is OK.

You need a towel, don't you?

We took a good place to see the parade.

I'm only working here another three days.

What do I need?

I talked to Suresh again.

I don't have time to help him.

What do Japanese students usually eat for lunch?

I'm tired of being treated like a child.

I'm baking.


Hey, can I have that?

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The stone is too heavy for me to lift.

Heating water does not change its chemical composition.

My mother's illness prevented me from attending the meeting.

Joseph wondered if Paul would tell him what he wanted to know.

The important thing about the Olympic Games is not to win, but to take part in them.

They didn't tell me their names.

Wishing you an enjoyable future.

It's the first time that I think of this thing.

It made me feel close to her.

This is a low-calorie muffin.

I'm sure Ping hasn't forgotten about the meeting.

I asked you to leave her alone.

I collect postcards.

The extremists refused to negotiate.

Speak when you are spoken to.

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Tuna stole your bike.

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The man that lays his hand upon a woman, save in the way of kindness, is a wretch whom't were gross flattery to name a coward.

We're pretty near done.

The king took his clothes off.

The candy I had in my bag went mushy in the heat.

Go ahead and unwrap your gift.

Let's do something we've never done before.

The next day the battery was flat again.


I don't think you have much choice.

The objectives of the marketing department and the sales department are not necessarily the same.

Put this coat on a hanger.

Philippe was a wonderful man.

The game lasted too much.

I thought I heard someone banging on the wall.

"It looked like you weren't having much fun." "Actually, I had a great time."

A bear can climb a tree.

Maybe we can sit at a table near the window.

Please give me some ice for the water.

That looks stupid.

I'm on a paid vacation.

We cut our living costs.

What makes us human?

My uncle was the only person injured in the car accident.


If there is already an account, there is a system by which you are able to send and receive email.


I found that the machine was of no use.

I'd tried everything.

Why doesn't he watch movies with me anymore?


If there's no life after death, then you'd better make this life count.

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From the tunnel came the muted sound of a train whistle.


I think Gordon said he'd be back.


Do you still remember how to do it?

Bob's handwriting is hard to read.

They faced the peril of falling rocks.

Lenses with two distinct optical powers are also called "bifocals".

I'll take that matter upon myself.

What do you think will happen next?

They had to abandon their vehicles in the snow.


Elijah is Kuldip's twin sister.

Rusty is young and innocent.

I must find out who did this.

She was wounded by a shot in the leg.

Blayne came out from behind the curtain.


Don't you want to see Vice?


When Floria married Soraya, her father fell in love with and married Stephan's daughter; so Kieran's daughter's husband is Jitendra's father-in-law; and Brooke now claims he's his own grandfather.

There was a long silence. At length she said, "So you're leaving me."

Even I was defeated.

If you do that, you're going to look pretty stupid.

Melinda started writing.

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It never really ends.


She wanted to test her limits.

Martha is a very good drummer.

You're going to need it.

Anderson asked me to help him out.

He broke out into rage.

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I wish I had come here by train.


Could you please move out of my way?


Marc wiped his glasses.


He stole out of the house without anyone seeing him.

She is a blonde girl.

Getting nowhere.

the event starts at 7:00, but I would suggest arriving an hour and a half early to reserve a good seat.

I've had lots of chances.

Who hit the home run?

Give me your phone number.


If you have any questions, please call.


You need to be firm.

I wish I could sing as well as Raymond does.

Amy wants something new to wear.