You can't prove that.

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Can I come too?

They went fishing yesterday.

I demand to know what's happening.

Marek is the third man in line.

Can you ask him to come on in?

You aren't telling us everything, are you?

To begin with, the funds are not sufficient for running a grocery.

Do you think we have a chance to win?

He peels her apple.

I have to speak to Neville in French. It's the only language he knows.

Let's get Valentin's opinion first.


He still has much to learn.

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I have a lot of patience.


She got Marc.

You never told me that you didn't like Boston.

I was flat on my back for a week with a terrible cold.


The boy took no notice of his father's advice.

My boyfriend seems serious.

What is significant in this argument is that his theory can identify those phenomena.

You should have thrown that picture away.

Dan paid off his gambling debts.

You'd be amazed how few students finished their homework.

How old were you when you learned to ride a bicycle?

Duty had called him, and he left.

I should probably get back to work.


Harris has three brothers.

How come the sky is blue?

They might pay me more if I could use a computer.


Is Fletcher your name?

You're smarter than I am.

I am writing a study of the French Revolution.

I lost ten kilos in three months.

There are starving children in Africa.

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All they show us is girls in bathing suits!

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I couldn't get him to stop smoking.

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He was unaware of the danger.

You will be rewarded.

I was hoping we could still be friends.

Clyde never forgave me for it.

There is danger of confusion between them.

Sugih is thin.

In this legal system, corporal punishment is imposed on adult men only.

She dressed him like children dress their pets.

She loves to go shopping.

All this brings up new questions.

That is a brilliant idea that will enable us to dedicate our undivided attention to the work again.

Joyce is quite lazy.

He looked into the boy's eyes.

I didn't say I was giving up.

I worry too much.

Who tried to kill Rick?

Nobody can bring you peace but yourself.

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How about consulting a doctor and getting sedatives prescribed?

The situation became dangerous.

Panos carries a flask of Tequila with him wherever he goes.

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The next time that I see you, you will be quite different.

I don't like Clark.

Like a chook with its head cut off.

I wonder if that was the point.

It cannot be done.

Life is great.

I glad that you took that gun away from Bonnie.

I think it's our mistake.

I don't want to antagonize her.


I think we can handle the situation.

I'll have it up and running in no time.

Did you know that George Bush's bush has cooties?

We're still friends.

That's why I quit.

Rajarshi likes playing soccer.

Jack rates a reward for that.

There is a bad smell in the meeting room.

Troy was ready for bed.

Our landlady is a real battle-axe!

Nowadays jobs are hard to come by.

Please choose between this one and that one.

When we're finished, we can leave.

Spike still hasn't answered my email.

I knew his intentions right at the beginning.

Henry was dismissed by reason of his old age.

I'm not going if you don't invite Dani, too.


I slept well, after which I felt much better.

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We didn't manage to convince him.

They're both gone.

Thad left Boston yesterday.

Are you a friend of Suzanne's?

He took as much care as possible.

Is Monday OK?

It's possible to branch out from computing to jobs in banking, accountancy and so on.

You're being too honest.

I'll tell him that's not true.

Where will the concert be held?

I teach English.

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He heard a noise.

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Neil thought his life was in danger.


Whatever you say about me, say it to my face, not behind my back.

He has just come here by taxi.

The more learned and witty you be, the more fit to act for Satan will you be.

I've never seen a real cow.

Would you mind not talking about your surgery now - I'm trying to eat.

When one nation pursues a nuclear weapon, the risk of nuclear attack rises for all nations.

Unblended gold in its pure form is so soft, that one can knead it by hand.


As was expected, he succeeded in winning the prize.


The city was destroyed during the war.

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The flyweight champion contended with a strong challenger.

The article was well researched and insightful.

Leave me some ice cream.

That's what works.

I want to get better at chess.

Dry wood burns well.

All we want is to be left alone.

You remind me of your brother.

Do you think I'm pretty?


The train will have started by the time he arrives.

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If you don't listen to us, we will have to resort to coercion.


You will never realize what I went through.

She put on dark glasses to protect her eyes from the sun.

I regret missing the speech.

Our entire much-praised technological progress, and civilization generally, could be compared to an axe in the hand of a pathological criminal.

Who will take care of the baby?


She boasts that she can swim well.

I noticed.

What would you say to Carisa?

Our backyard is twenty meters square.

If you need more information, we are happy to send it.


Are you willing to make a deal?

You can't be too careful when you drive a car.

I had been working for two hours when I suddenly felt sick.

It's not like I really want to go to Boston.

The boy complained of a headache.

Comparisons aplenty are being made.

I'm the only one who knows what the problem is.

I didn't understand because they spoke in a low voice.

Speaking English is difficult.


I forgot that Brendan could read French.

Don't you think that Kimmo is a little young for you?

She did that intentionally and with premeditation.


Celia loaded the truck.

The problem is that that circuit is in series.

She's going swimming and she's happy.

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I don't like to leave things up in the air.

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I need to go shopping.

I knew you'd miss me.

Gale thought his violin was a Stradivarius because the name Stradivarius was on the label inside his violin.

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What do you know about America?

I have no appetite.

Statistics deals with collected numbers representing facts.

The text is too long.

Does that make you happy?


We look after him.

Clark is a sore loser.

I don't know where he is now.


The Russians have never lived as bad as under the Obama administration.


Robbin is dressed in black.

I kicked the ball as far as I could.

It was a beautiful night.

I share everything with her.

I often lie about my age.

I'm trying to find her.

I like Margaret a lot more than I like you.

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As for myself, Saturday will be convenient.


Look at her move.