Myron is sick, weak and terrified.

Lukas gave Stephanie the first piece of cake.


I called from Miles's house.

The umpire called the ball foul.

But do not distress yourself with dark imaginings.

Barry is the only boy Warren knows who is afraid of rabbits.

How do I get to the airport?

Why didn't you tell Marci you were unhappy?

It couldn't have come at a better time.

The ship was at the mercy of the sea.

He matched his gait to his companion's.


If you do what I want you to do, I'll be very happy.

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That university's curriculum covers natural science and social science.

Timothy gave him a big hug.

Clem's trial will continue on Monday.

Foreigners in general don't need as many compliments as Japanese are required to give each other, and it is good to keep this in mind.

That's exactly what Susan was afraid of.

Due to injury to the cervix during dilation used in some abortions, your next baby may have a low birth weight or you may be more likely to have a spontaneous abortion in later pregnancies.

Any unauthorized exhibition, distribution, or copying of this film or any part thereof may result in civil liability and criminal prosecution.


Is there anything you can tell us about Shakil that we don't already know?

You're irresistible.

He's eating an apple.

He prayed to God to help the poor girl.

Always bring your notebook to my class, will you?

How goes it, Jacques?

I will have him carry the baggage upstairs.


Were you home at ten?


Joseph looks sad.

I do remember you were in Boston for a short while.

He stopped reading the newspaper.

It isn't too late for you.

I didn't know he had decided to leave his job.

Ukrainian girls are the most beautiful girls in the world.

We can go somewhere else if you want.

You see a tall building over there.

He could not go out because of a bad storm.


I hope you come to my concert.

Winnie was one of my patients.

The wind has shifted.


Alice is running to catch her bus.

Ravindran just came in.

Greece has a great history.

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Can I have a moment with them?

I don't like hot tubs.

There's a rumor abroad that she has got a new job.

The room charge is $100 a night plus tax.

I plan to telephone Darci tomorrow and ask him to help.

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What do you need German for?

He wrote out a thorough report.

Can you wait here until I get back?

He had to reduce the price of his wares.

You're Mara's boss, aren't you?


Mevrouw commenced playing softly upon the piano.

Please ensure that your speakers are connected and sound turned up. Please note that the file size to be viewed/downloaded is large so the download times may vary depending upon the local internet connectivity.

If you hurt her, I'll kill you.


I hope James goes home soon.

You ought not to speak ill of others behind their backs.

How long were you and Jess married?

How many onions?

The script Tatoeba needs the most is the native speaker detector.


Do you believe in ghosts?

If your tongue turns black, you should probably see a doctor.

The old car is being taken for scrap.

The country's economy depends on agriculture.

Did you come to my wedding?

We're going to see him.

Oh dear! I'm short of money.

We may as well just go on home.

We probably should try to get some sleep.

He teaches maths as well as English.

This man is Kenyan.

Kerri adored his mother.

The girl was friendly with a bright smile.

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The tree was so unhappy, that it took no pleasure in the warm sunshine, the birds, or the rosy clouds that floated over it morning and evening.


Four months later, Orville emerged from his self imposed hibernation.

Here is a little mudpond.

Thank you for drawing a bird for me.

They sang songs around the fire.

The express arrives at 6:30 p.m.

The receptionist at the hotel was surly and not at all friendly.

I doubt that Orville had to sell his car in order to raise money for medical expenses.

I thought I'd never find them.

Observe good faith and justice toward all nations. Cultivate peace and harmony with all.


His behavior is my primary concern.

These are our enemies.

Hunter is never at a loss for words.

Young people like popular music.

You need to be out of here by 2:30.

You'll stay put.

I'm as tired as tired can be.

I don't want to talk to that bloke ever again.

We'll get on it immediately.

Finish off your plate before going out.

A man lives not only his personal life, as an individual, but also, consciously or unconsciously, the life of his epoch and his contemporaries.


Next week I want to visit my friend.

The girl drawing a picture in the first row is my niece.

He greeted the lady.

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There are still people who don't know how to read.


There are no gods.

Where do you live, exactly?

It's going to be packed.

I am not a native speaker.

From what stems this contradiction between our hopes and our reality?

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He will be sleeping when you get to his house.

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The king must abdicate.

Here's one for you.

She should have known better.

I hired a private investigator.

From hand to mouth will never make a worthy man.

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I thought you might change your mind.


He looks very tired.

We're all with you.

I hope I make the last train.

I was affected by the heat.

I didn't want to talk to the police.

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Everybody seemed pretty calm.

Dylan is helping his mother in the kitchen.

The two dogs quarreled over the bone.

I think that's absolutely fabulous.

They tried to fire him, but he did not get the hint.

Don't take it so seriously.

Rupert refused their offer.


The horse balked at the jump.

The king labelled the books as godless and ordered that they be burnt.

Maybe you don't like reading certain things.

I hope you stay in prison until you die.

Kenneth asked Myron what he should do next.


The commander was roaring at his soldiers.

This factory manufactures automobile parts.

Melanie killed a spider with her hand.


Can you step outside, please, sir?

Why are you carding the wool?

There used to be a temple right here.


Do you understand what I mean?

I forgot to pay my rent this month.

Maybe we should pray.

Even Kusum doesn't know Shean.

The train station is nearby.

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I met my friends yesterday.

Failure gives me strength: my pain is my motivation.

Why doesn't Pam want to go?


Robert Deniro made a cameo appearance in the movie.

We must always stand up for our rights.

Teresa bought some rice.

Behave yourself like a young man.

You'll embarrass Patricia.

I want to know how you feel about this.

Marcia speaks French a little.

The workers banded together to go on strike and fight the company.

I need your help more and more.

His answer is not altogether satisfactory to us.

I think we should help her.

We're waiting for you to leave.

What were you doing by the docks?

Be eccentric now. Don't wait for old age to wear purple.

We came together to form a group.


We are expecting the issue of his book.


I've got a friend who works for the New York Times.

This is our primary target.

You didn't try hard enough.

It's a pity that hang, ocarina and pipa are so unpopular around here.

Andre insisted on speaking.

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The revised timetable will go into effect on the 5th of this month.


You see that I too have a spirit; but my spirit bears the sting of a scorpion.

Laura was the one who taught Tammy how to drive.

It's good to put yourself in someone else's place now and then.