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Parenting Myths

Yeti. Godzilla. Mermaids. Dragons. A husband who cooks dinner and does the dishes, then puts the kids to bed while the wife reads a magazine and relaxes.

If your first thought was "No such husband exists," you're correct. Nor do yeti, dragons or mermaids. They're myths, and obvious ones at that. The realm of parenting has its own myths as well, some of which have become deep-rooted and unquestioned beliefs. Some of them do have a grain of truth in them and fit in with modern notions about child development. But this is precisely why they are even more dangerous since they're hard to dispel. And because it's our children we're talking about, they're not harmless tales but beliefs that can shape your actions and the child's development. So get to know these big myths and...move beyond them.

"Thank you for giving us this wonderful opportunity to participate in your programme.."
Jeyalakshmi K. G
Math Teacher, Vidya Mandir, Chennai.

Teaching Ideas for Primary Teachers
This site contains lots of lesson ideas, activities and resources. Much of it is FREE for you to use in your classrooms! You can search for new ideas and resources in many different ways. The website also has links to paid websites with good educational content.

Stenhouse Blog
Stenhouse publishes professional development books and videos by teachers, for teachers. Titles are grounded in a philosophy of education that respects both teacher and learner. And all are designed to integrate theory, research and practice in an accessible manner. Visit this blog to read reviews, listen to podcasts, watch videos and get updates on issues.

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NimbleKits is an attempt to bring respect back to the profession of teachers; to make school teachers feel responsible for the future of not just their students but the entire society; to update teachers with the most recent developments; to help them lead their students so effectively in their learning that students will retain their respect for them for decades.
In short, NimbleKits attempts to empower teachers.
Here's how NimbleKits intervention will work for the stakeholders in school education:
For the teachers, NimbletKits Guides will:
  • Offer lessons planned in terms of both time and depth
  • Place lessons / concepts in the right context
  • Make classroom management easier
  • Help deal with possible questions from the children appropriately
For the children, NimbleKits Guides will:
  • Encourage group learning in the classroom; helping each other in the learning process will become a habit for the children, fostering bonding and cooperation, which are life skills.
  • Encourage active learners to tackle Higher Order Questions that challenge critical thinking skills.
  • Let the children discover answers and solutions on their own instead of merely being told the right answers.
  • Help the children apply their classroom learning to real life situations.
  • Help them seek out connections between fields of study.
For the school, NimbleKits Guides will:
  • Help standardize activity-based learning across classes and subjects.
  • Offer ready-made lessons that save the teachers' time, which may be used for better assessment of the children's performance.
For the parents, NimbleKits Guides will:
  • Help them get involved as active participants in their children's learning process in the schools.
  • Foster cooperation between them, the teachers and the schools.
  • Offer ideas to continue the learning process of their children beyond the school premises.

3363028067 The kits will help standardize activity-based learning
process across classes and subjects.
Staying Nimble Ready-made lessons save teachers' time, which may be
used for more fine-tuned assessment of the children's performance.