Tell Rayan we want to know the truth.

I see why Sanford dumped you.


Astronauts use tethers to keep tools from floating away. They tether their tools to their spacesuits.

Alejandro didn't notice what Nou was wearing.

Tomorrow we will encounter the enemy.

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We should get together sometime.

Liyuan and Danielle are just average students.

Oh dear! I'm short of money.

I'm looking for someone.

They should be out in a minute.


We heard coughing.

It's very cold here in February.

All but the boy were asleep.


I thought that was kind of weird.


You must do exactly what I tell you.

Those things are parasites!

We won't let you down.

Are you ever wrong?

We can work on it at lunch.


To do as you suggest is out of the question.

Janice is extremely skeptical.

If you tell me what needs to be done, I can help.

Manny was a cop for 13 years.

She paid nothing.


I didn't ask Lawrence to come here.


I'll report on this matter tomorrow.

I could learn something from you, I think.

The police are closing in on Spencer.

When are we going to tell Monica?

Could Gabriel have done it?

They rowed up the river.

The company will hold a presentation of the new model tomorrow.

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I'm not willing to do that.

Be careful, this guy has a shooting license!

How are you two doing?

I play the piano for amusement.

Her behaviour was out of the ordinary.

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Have you called him?

That's my job, not Mitchell's.

Generally speaking, the students of this class are very good.

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They'll fail.


Sofoklis is planning a surprise birthday party for Kiki.

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What is graven on a stone, isn't written for no reason.

Chuck enjoys being a celebrity.

I often go to the movies.

One thousand years later, aliens came to Earth only to find the damned remains of a wicked civilization.

He's lying, I can always tell.

Richard Roberts is the author of numerous books.

Sangiovese is an Italian wine.


I saw through his game.


I see these flowers everywhere. What are they called?

Be careful about reading health books. You may die of a misprint.

Civilization is the limitless multiplication of unnecessary necessities.

She sounded a little disappointed.

We're making some progress.

You should make your own decisions.

My older brother is planning to work at a drug factory.

What's the other condition?

It was very fun.

He said he was a friend, but it cut no ice with me.

I have two daughters.

Kerry didn't want to lose.

Christopher already left.


Many people in Africa speak French.


You're the doctor!

Rob thinks he's being shadowed by a private detective.

It is beyond the scope of the present work to describe all the components that comprise Emmet's architectural style.

Show him what you're capable of.

Signing off, gonna take a shower.


Suu can't decide which approach to take.

Mother gives my sister two thousand yen every month.

Jos is in his office on the phone.

You're biased.

Who wrote to them?

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I look forward to meeting you again soon.

I'm still in training.

I'm still not sure about that.

Yes, I understand. Thanks a lot.

Sherri is the boss around here.

Alain isn't going to let Sylvan get to him.

That's unusual, isn't it?

I'll take that one, too.

I would accept that torture willingly.

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Duncan and Triantaphyllos didn't expect to see each other.

You're pretty good at this.

Shall we talk about it over a cup of coffee?

I walk regardless of whether or not I own a car.

Can I have some?

You can't do that here.

I just don't feel like going to school today.


He forgot to feed the dog.

His clothes did not fit well.

Could you please lend me thirty dollars?

They have something in common with each other.

He has long hair and wears jeans.

It can't last much longer.

I asked Winnie to wake me up at 2:30.

It is no wonder that a man of his ability is so successful.

I said I wouldn't tell her.


It'll be useless to stand against them.

Does Arnold Schwarzenegger still know German?

Take any train on track 5.

We may have one advantage.

What are you snickering about?

I don't have the slightest idea what to do.

Torsten brushed his teeth and put on his pajamas.

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I made a paper plane.

I thought Ted said it was a dog.

Not very many people bought the book I wrote.

I don't want you to say anything.

Matthieu makes me feel safe.

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The doctor bent over the sick boy.

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Sanford will be home any minute.

I took two bottles of milk.

Doug knows everything there is to know about cars.


It made my hair stand on end.

Can I have a cup of tea, please?

We are a nation that stands for the rule of law.

They splashed each other playfully.

I don't remind them of their debts.

Walt lives on the same street as me.

He accommodated us all for the entire week in his little house.

I completely agree with what you're saying.

Elias suggested that Laurel sing the new song she'd been practicing.

The children take care of that dog.

You were supposed to be here by 2:30.

What do you think Wolfgang keeps in there?

Who would spread such ideas?

The teacher compared my poem with a fellow student's.

Matthieu tied his shoes.


I'll go to Boston by bus.

I said 'Quit it'. Can't you see Keiko hates that?

I am 30 years old now.

We have no rainy day fund. If something unexpected pops up, we will be unable to cope.

Guy said Gale was driving the car.

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Nicolette's neighbour said he would keep an eye on Cory's place for him while he was away.

"He's a tiger when he's angry" is an example of metaphor.

Visitors are usually asked to remove their shoes before they enter a Japanese house.

Watching TV often makes me sleepy.

You have been such good children that I am going to send you to visit my granny, who lives in a dear little hut in the wood.

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Ask my friends.

That street was very noisy during the day.

I had a great night.

You asked for our help.

She knows her way around the city.

I met her on the street.

The exam is easy.

Would you demonstrate the next problem at the board?

This seasoning has a bitter taste.


Tommy gave Tracy a flashlight.

They say that Dana came to Brazil.

I'm vaguely familiar with it.


Gunter didn't say much.


Several short line buses have come by, but I need to go to a further stop.


Could you please calm down?


That budget isn't yet final.

He gave me a promise to come back soon.

Dorian told Everett not to use baby talk when talking to their little daughter.

"Excuse me for asking, but are you Canadian?" "Yes I am. How did you know?"

The Indonesian government is very unhappy at reports that Australian diplomats have been tapping their telephone calls, cables and other communications.


Oh, I am slain.


Am I ever going to see Jenine again?

I hate her, too.

Adrian has company.