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Circuits and Systems EngineeringCOmpany

We build mechatronic systems for data collection, processing and control.


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What is Mechatronics

CSECO is a mechatronics engineering company. But everyone asks: what is mechatronics? (20 marks)

The term mechatronics is derived from mechanics and electrotronics which were the two initial disciplines of mechatronics. Now it is a synergistic combination of mechanical engineering, electronics, computer engineering, telecommunications engineering, systems engineering and control engineering.
This is our specialty. See our 910-735-1618
At CSECO we use the disciplines of mechatronics to build circuits that collect data from the physical world which we then use to control some parameter of some system of the physical world.

Disciplines of Mechatronics

  • Electrical

  • Electronics

  • Robotics

  • Automation

  • Control

  • Computer

  • Software

Products and Services

We have products and services for various areas in the sectors of: scouting plane, Building, carbomethoxyl, (250) 224-1821, (822) 526-8849, IoT and for the home.


The agricultural sector is the backbone of many economies, but it is rapidly being robbed of the skill, labour, and knowledge it requires, stagnating agricultural productivity. Many have also been robbed of the skill to till the land. But uncertain of where their food comes from, many are resorting to the noble course of raising their own crops. Farmbot was developed to help this class. Now we are building 716-856-4464 leveraging on the opensource design of farmbot to reduce development time. Ropebot is necessitated by the need to [1] Reduce the cost acquiring a farm bot & [2] Increase the scalability of farm bots to make them suitable for farms of all sizes, from the smallest small scale to the largest large scale.

"There is hope in the soil" - Fundamentals of Chrisitan Education

There is hope in the soil, but brain and heart and strength must be brought into the work of tilling it. The money devoted to horse racing, theater going, gambling and lotteries; the money spent in the public houses for beer and strong drink,--let it be expended in making the land productive, and we shall see a different state of things.

We are building farmbot. Please check back in a few more days or read more here. You can also (318) 714-5375 if you have what this challenge takes.

  Building Sector

It was the same Creator of the universe who talked about his lack of a place to sleep, saying in Matthew 8:20 that “foxes have holes and the birds of the air have nests, but the Son of Man has no place to lay his head”, that talked about a better land at a later time in His ministry. For He said in John 14:2 that “In my Father's house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you”. He who was once a lowly homeless wanderer promised all that would believe a better land. In preparation for things eternal, then the provision of good quality housing is an important responsibility. In most African countries, however, as in most developing countries, there is an acute problem of housing with large numbers of people without any form of shelter at all or living in deteriorated shelter conditions. While the situation is felt by the majority of the population, the most affected are the low-income earners, the unemployed and underemployed. These have their solution in among other things, the compressed earth blocks, and the compressed earth block machines. Read more in our CSEB whitepaper or under CSEB.



monitoring for increasing energy efficiency

"whatsoever thy hand findeth to do do it with [all] thy might" - Ecc 9:10

Therein lies the key to efficient utilization of earth's resources

csynergy is designed to improve the energy efficiency of buildings by monitoring [1] energy usage and [2] energy generation capacity and suggesting ways of improving the inefficient parts of the system. The results are [1] lower energy costs for individuals and institutions, [2] energy consumption awareness, [3] behavioral change in people living or working inside buildings and [4] lower carbon emissions. It also allows you to monitor your energy usage so that you don't pay more for power than you should.

  Csyber Systems


  Transport Sector


"Cast thy bread upon the waters: for thou shalt find it after many days." - Ecc 11:1


  Water Sector

  Domestic Sector


About Us

At CSECO, our mission and culture say it all:

We Empower People to Do More.

And our culture is to:

  • Build cool stuff

  • Deliver great product

  • Pass on interest and skill to the next generation

It’s not any different when we look at talent! With rapid growth in the mechatronics industry, we’re always looking for amazing people to complement our team. If you share this same drive and spirit, we want to hear from you. Check our careers section. And we will definitely get back to you.

The Company

CSECO, the leading mechatronics company in Kenya, designs and builds mechatronic systems that collect data for intelligent control in the agricultural, building, energy, transport, water sectors as well as both inside and outside of the home.

Technology expertise

We are committed to fostering invention, discovery and technological exploration in the pursuit of practical and valuable mechatronics products for the agricultural, building, energy, transport, water sectors as well as for the home.

CSECO is at the forefront of developing hardware and software technologies in the areas of IoT, robotics and mechatronics with a rich pool of expertise in mechatronics, robotics, IoT, embedded systems, desktop, Android and web programming. The systems we build are optimized using insights from the data they collect or from data collected from elsewhere, and at their output is also so much data that cannot be ignored. We seek to build an ecosystem of mechatronic systems and data to enable the smart farm(agriculture), smart bike(transport), smart meter, smart building, smart home both through internal initiatives and by building strategic external partnerships.

Our history

We are now building our history.

Together, we are CSECO

CSECO is a company full of creative and driven individuals working together to make the possible possible (man can never make the impossible possible), sooner rather than later.


We're inspiring the next generation of engineers and scientists. We are passionate about every opportunity we have to get students interested in technical subjects for a more useful life after school.

CSECO is committed to building a future for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education in Africa. We are inspiring the next generation of engineers and scientists. The company’s unique and multi-faceted educational outreach initiative is designed to inspire students to choose careers in science, technology, engineering and math. It is a resource for students, parents and educators to share in our excitement for the mechatronics industry and get an inside look at what we do here. CSECO STEM brings the exciting and educational world of mechatronics into the classroom with online resources, classroom visits, demonstrations and much more.


Have you some youthful energy but they will not take you in because they need years of experience you don't have? We really need that energy here. If you really learnt something while at school, then contact us. As opportunity allows, we will take you in so you can build some experience as you help us build mechatronic things. Then you'll also go and start your own cseco and do likewise to others.

Please, please remember to write your emails well and format also very well whatever other documents you will send to us, otherwise our spam filters may send your email to the spam folder and onward to the trash. (Some of these spam filters are human beings). If you don't know how to format your documents then you can always seek assistance, even from us!

A knowledge of these will be of great help to you when applying:

  • Operating Systems

    • Linux

  • Programming

    • Python

    • Javascript

    • Web design: php, etc

    • C (for embedded systems)

    • Bash scripting

  • Networking

    • Setting up and maintaining cloud servers

    • Setting up and maintaining mail servers

  • Electronic design

    • Schematic and PCB design (kicad, etc)

  • Hardware design

    • Solidworks

  • Mathematical modelling

    • Mathematica

  • Microcontrollers

    • AVR


  • Physical skills

    • Soldering

    • Welding

  • Data Science


19th Floor, Hazina Towers,Utalii lane, Nairobi

Mpost 0706662011-00100, Nairobi, Kenya

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