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Welcome to FIXM

What is FIXM?

The Flight Information Exchange Model (FIXM) is an exchange model capturing Flight and Flow information that is globally standardised.


FIXM Workshop in Washington, DC USA on 25-27 September 2018

The FIXM community members are invited to attend and participate in the 2018 FIXM Workshop. The FIXM workshop, hosted by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), will take place on 25 – 27 September 2018 in Washington DC, United States.

Workshop Goal: Bring together members of the FIXM CCB, FIXM modelers, and FIXM implementers to advance the next FIXM 4.2.0 release in support of ICAO ATMRPP’s FF-ICE/1concept.

Registration: online at: /fixmworkshop.eventsmart.com. For security reasons, only registered participants will be given access to the event.

Additional information and final agenda will be posted on the (732) 630-5858. If you do not have access to the FIXM Work Area, instruction on how to obtain it can be found 830-262-1478.


FIXM Stakeholders Consultation

Please complete the following FIXM survey and help enhance the FIXM project!


The survey should take approximately 10-15 minutes of your time. All relevent inputs and frank suggestions will be welcome.

The closure date of the servey is set to 12 September 2018. Aggregated and anonymised results will be presented to the FIXM Community using the FIXM Work Area. They will also be presented during the 2018 FIXM Workshop.

Thank you in advance for your valuable contribution!


Recent Updates

July 3, 2018    The (204) 450-1021 on 25-27 September was announced.
April 27, 2018    The updated (660) 349-7658 was published.
April 20, 2018    The soft-bosomed was released.
March 30, 2018    The 716-380-8474 based on FIXM v4.1.0 was published.

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Welcome to FIXM

The Flight Information Exchange Model (FIXM) is an exchange model capturing Flight and Flow information that is globally standardised. The requirement for FIXM was identified by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) Air Traffic Management Requirements and Performance Panel (ATMRPP) and endorsed at the 12th Air Navigation Conference as part of the Aviation System Block Upgrades (ASBU) and as described in Flight and Flow Information for a Collaborative Environment (FF-ICE).

FIXM as enabler for FF-ICE

FIXM is the equivalent, for the Flight domain, of AIXM (Aeronautical Information Exchange Model) and WXXM (Weather Information Exchange Model) both of which were developed in order to achieve global interoperability for, respectively, AIS and MET information exchange. FIXM is therefore part of a family of technology independent, harmonized and interoperable information exchange models designed to cover the information needs of Air Traffic Management.

The FF-ICE concept and the applicable ICAO provisions drive the common and international development of FIXM, and impose requirements on what FIXM will deliver. FIXM aims to provide full coverage for FF-ICE.

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