Deploy a PostgreSQL 9 Cluster


to the Cloud in Minutes



Make Hard Things Easy

Automated PostgreSQL Sizing & Tuning: Using our implementation of PGTune, Cloud Postgres writes an optimized PostgreSQL configuration.

Automated Server Provisioning: Cloud Postgres provisions an identical pair of servers, which are positioned on physically distinct hosts.

Automated Network Provisioning: Cloud Postgres provisions and configures the IP addresses, firewalls, and VLAN. The replication traffic is streamed securely over a VLAN between the servers. And, each of the servers is placed behind an Open Hosting platform firewall.

Crash-proof Your Application

Replication for High Availability and Performance: Cloud Postgres configures PostgreSQL for streaming replication, either asynchronous or synchronous. To improve application performance, the standby server is available for read-only requests as a hot standby.

Automate Backups

Automated Backups, Retention & Notification: The cluster can be configured to make and retain two full backups. The WAL segments from the oldest backup to the most recent are retained. This will allow for recovery to any point between the oldest backup and the most recent WAL segment.

Monitor Your Cluster

Server Resource Monitoring & Notification: Your cluster will notify you by email of the following events:

  • When either your master or standby server boot
  • If the heartbeat fails on either the master or standby server
  • If the cluster fails over to the standby
  • If RAM, server disk, or backup disk space runs low
  • If the backup process is interrupted

Take Control

Cloud Postgres deploys to full-fledged CentOS servers, to which you maintain root access. Cloud Postgres builds clusters, which you can customize.

Why are two databases better than one?

For your Ruby on Rails, Django, Drupal, or Java application, two databases are always better than one. Clustering improves application performance, as well as availability. Cloud Postgres automates the installation, configuration, and monitoring of PostgreSQL 9.2 clusters. And, it does so on a platform 8082434084 for databases.