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Life Coaching

Lean into life with confidence - navigate decisions, balance work & life, start/stop habits, or pursue a dream.

Leadership Coaching

Lead your organization with confidence, focus, and vision while staying grounded in what really matters.

Ministry Coaching

Whether you are a Preacher, Executive Minister, Staff, or Missionary coaching can multiply your efforts, cut through the clutter, and help you reach your goals.

ICF Mentor Coach

Complete your ICF Mentor Coach requirements while you improve your coaching skills.

Stephen Shaffer

Experience and Dedication

My joy in life is working with leaders to pursue God's calling on their life, ministry, business, and family drawing on life expereinces, dedication to God's leading, and diverse education.

With seventeen years experience in business and technology, fifteen years in ministry, and ten years as a professional coach I'd love to start a conversation with you and your team to see how coaching can make a difference. God has found a way to integrate my expereinces, my struggles, my education, and my passions with his purposes. T3Living is the way I try to pursue life with God and it is my conviction that God has something to say to you. There's more to the story, but I'll save the details until we meet in person.

Education: Physics, Optics, MS-MFT, MDiv, DMin

Coaching: Over 1000 hours of coaching, ICF PCC, Author/Developer of Catalyze Coaching, Director of Coaching for Mission Alive.

Your first conversation is free! Contact me today and let's explore how coaching can transform your world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Coaching is an intentional one-on-one relationship that accelerates your progress toward goals, anchors you in what matters most, and keeps you moving forward. Coaches don't give advice, diagnose, or mentor. Instead, they help you refine your goals, develop robust plans, overcome obstacles by working from your existing ideas and moving forward. It's a mutual relationship that is 100% focused on what you want.
Coaching appointments are intentional conversations with a friend. They begin by celebrating your progress and explore any barriers to success. They end with you deciding on some specific actions steps that work toward your goal. In the middle the conversation will help challenge you to remain true to your core values, invite you to see new laternatives, and help you clarify your path forward.
Counseling is a strategic relationship designed to heal people who are wounded by life to an extent that they struggle to function in everyday activities. Counselors diagnose their clients following various therapeutic theories and perscribe specific activities and exercises designed to effect health. Counselors deal with personal information but remain emotionally neutral in the relationship.
Mentoring is a relationship between an expert and a novice. The goal of the novice is to learn from the mentor until they can imitate the expert. Mentors know the answers and offer expert advice under the assumption that their approach and wisdom are superior to that of the novice.
Coaching is a strategic and authentic relationship between peers. The coach does not presume to have the right answers or superior wisdom. Instead a coach believes that growth moves a person closer to God and His unique call on their life. Coaches believe that transformation is effected by God and accelerated through relationships and accountability. In a coaching relationship the client sets the agenda, determines the priorities, and specifies the action steps. Coaches challenge clients to expand their thinking and also help them remained focused on specific action steps. Using open-honest relationships, effective listening, and powerful questions, coaches help you step into God's future.
Coaching appointments are often conducted by phone. Appointments can occur as often or as spread out as you wish, you're in control. A typical pattern would consist of bi-weekly 60-90 minute conversations. For about $150 per month you can experience the possibilities of t3living in your life, your family, and your ministry.
Your coach will forge an open and authentic relationship with you. They will challenge you to see the broad horizons, listen to what is important to you, provide on-going encouragement, and offer healthy accountability.

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  • I saw the great effect coaching can have on one¬ís life.
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  • Years later, we enjoy nourishing, strategic conversations not only with our four children, but also with their spouses!

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