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Madison Nicole Fisher

Madison Nicole Fisher

Madison Nicole Fisher is an American YouTuber and Actress who is best-known for uploading .pranks, challenges, reaction, comedy videos, parenting tips and vlogs in her channel, Kyler and Mad. At the moment, she has earned more than 1.8 million subscribers as of June 2018. Also, her has garnered more than 286 million as well.
Moreover, she was well-known and popular before YouTube as an actress. She is known for her roles in the popular movies such as The Metrosexual and Without a Paddle: Nature’s Calling.

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Devin Hayes

Devin Hayes

Devin Hayes is an American singer and social media star who is incredibly popular after he appeared in the popular ABC’s singing competition called ‘Boy Band.’ Not only this, his fame also comes from short 6 seconds funny videos and skits which he uploaded in Vine. Due to his creativity and funny contents, his followers kept increasing day-by-day. After VIne was shut down, he started uploading his contents on YouTube and Instagram. At the moment, he has collected more than 126k subscribers as well as 200k followers on Twitter. Moreover, he collaborated with popular YouTube stars such as Trevor Moran, Nash Grier, as well as Jack Gilinsky.


Jay Ulloa

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Lala Milan really knows how to make people laugh through her charming personality. It became no surprise that she quickly rose in the social media platform where talent and personality like her is never unseen. From Facebook to YouTube, her followers’ count is always growing.

She is an American Instagram star who gained a lot of fame and attention for comedy videos producing hilarious contents. which she uploads on her Instagram account. Many of her videos have gone viral over the internet over the years. Out of all, her “Trap Queen” parody called “Rat Queen” as well as “I was waiting for you at the doe” Vine were extremely popular. As of August 2018, she has already amassed more than 2.2 million on Instagram alone.
Also, she has more than 188k YouTube subscribers and 882k followers on her Facebook.

Nyma Tang


Biography: Musician

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Rico Recklezz

Rico Recklezz

Rico Recklezz is an American rapper who is well-known for his albums, Rico Dont Shoot Em 2: Back from Hell which was created collaborating with DJ Cortez as well as DJ Louie V in 2015. Also, he is pretty popular for his notorious behavior. His real name is Ronnie Ramsey.

Steve Gibb

Rachel Cooper

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Gonçalo Guedes is a Portuguese profession football player who is best-known as a winger for the team, PSG. He is noted for his technical abilities and pace providing top-notch crosses.

Bruno Fernandes

Ricardo Pereira

Biography: Makeup artists

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Thomas Halbert is an American YouTuber who is best-known for uploading makeup tutorial and tricks, beauty tips, product reviews and travel vlogs in his channel, Thomas Halbert. At the moment, he has earned more than 375k subscribers as of June 2018.


Alexandrea Garza

Biography: Hosts

Kevin Belton

Kevin Belton

Kevin Belton is an American Chef and TV host who is well-known for his “New Orleans Cooking with Kevin Belton” airing on WYES-TV. Also, he is popular in his locality as the instructor at the New Orleans School of Cooking.

Kelly Sasso

Marla Weech

Biography: Journalist

Ken Dilanian

Ken Dilanian

Ken Dilanian is an American Journalist and host who is well-known for his coverage of news in Iraq. Also, he got a lot of appraisal and attention for writing about Deaths in Philadelphia’s child welfare system. It won him a Casey Medal for Meritorious Journalism in 2007.

Jonathan Swan