Chic, Comfortable, Easy to Use.

BlueWeigh Fitness Tracker is modern, powerful devices that help you set and track your fitness goals. If you are looking for that motivation to live a more active lifestyle, then this is the tracker for you. Not only will the reliable VeryFit2.0 app make setup and use very easy, our trackers are the most affordable on the market! Go ahead and place your order with confidence for this amazing Fitness Activity Tracker. Satisfaction is guaranteed!


Healthy is sexy.

BlueWeigh Smart Scales are portable comprehensive machines which are designed to monitor your health. Our fast-paced lives make it very difficult for us to always eat healthy and stay healthy. We sometimes need a way to keep this aspect of our lives in check! BlueWeigh Smart Scales are built to do to that for you. Our Scales have a sensitive digital surface that provide for accurate calculations of your weight, body fat, muscle mass, bone mass, body fluid content, and many other aspects of the human body. Your scale will show measures of your body you had never seen before!

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