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Thanks to Treatment Plans

A Treatment plan is a document that outlines standard codes and a brief description for each treatment your dentist recommends after inspecting your issue.


You can even use SmileMarket to compare quotes to get a basic checkup and your treatment plan - then come back to compare again for your larger treatment!


How it works



Simply fill out what you are looking for. If you have your treatment plan codes - enter those! We have set agreements with local dentists for different treatment codes.


We compile bids from local dentists for your specific requirements and compile them for you. We do all the hard work for you to price compare.


Tailored bids will arrive in your inbox! Simply select which one you want then book in the pre-arranged price at your leisure!

Why SmileMarket?

Gone are the days where people simply had their family dentist and that was that. With the increased cost of living and proliferation of the internet allowing for easier product comparison, Australians are turning to digital channels to make their purchasing decisions.

Did you know that:


1 IN 3

Australians have delayed seeing a Dentist because of cost


Over TWICE the price

Was the difference between the lowest and highest prices found in a recent Choice Survey for dental treatment


80% Of People

check prices on the interent before making a purchase. Dentists are now capitalising on this trend.

Our exclusively discounted prices work WITH your existing insurance rebates!
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How SmileMarket Works for you



Qualified Dentists

We vet all the dentists on our practice by ensuring they are registered with the Australian Dental Association. They have all been through an onboarding process and agreed to our terms of service.


Easy To Use

Just fill out your details and wait for the bids to arrive in your inbox. We have done the hard work to get dentists on board. It is that simple!


Save Money

Our discounted prices work with your existing insurance rebates. When you could save over HALF the fees on your treatment (before rebate!), what are you waiting for?

Why Wait? When you can save!