We've all got one.

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I heard him gasp.

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Pete came coasting down the hill on his sled.


Her cat is so adorable.

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You're not too old for this job.

He does not care for ice cream.

I'm very sorry for causing the accident.

The strong must help the weak.

Life is usually the best teacher, but usually too expensive.


Axel reported his car stolen.

We felt the coolness when we arrived at the river.

You're welcome to wait.

Anything may happen now.

I told Ramneek that I couldn't speak French.


He stayed awake all night wondering why the deal went wrong.

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The doors opened and Judge stepped out of the elevator.

Jean-Pierre feels sorry for Brandi.

Today, we'll learn three new words.

After putting on so much weight, Donald couldn't fit into his suit to wear to Antony's funeral.

It's already out of control.

When do we get to do something for ourselves?

I remember what he said.


Shut the window, Jim.


How do you want me to handle this?


I didn't do this, did I?


I have seen a UFO.

Serdar didn't even bother knocking on the door.

Santa is a klutz.

That lady is haughty to a great degree.

Not only are we all in the same boat, but we are all seasick.


He pulled her into his arms.

In reports in America, guerrilla resistance by the Iraq military is called terrorism.

I'm going to get some air.

My interest is in the future because I'm going to spend the rest of my life there.

You listen more to what this quack says than what the doctor says.


Space, you don't have to talk to me like that.

We want to put in a new granite countertop.

No one likes the loser.

The richer he became, the more he wanted.

Hospitals routinely sterilize their equipment for safety.

There is little furniture in my house.

She experienced a pain in her leg.


He exclaimed, "What a dirty face you have!"


Spock kicked in the door.

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Please wait until I have finished writing this letter.

This is a fantastic place.

Penny doesn't speak to me.


I don't need your banal platitudes.

If he doesn't get a letter from me once a month, he will reveal the Pope's secret to the world.

I've decided that I won't go to the party.

I'm not going to tell you anything.

It's nice you found a girlfriend.

Tandy didn't even smile.

Have you made up your mind to become a teacher?

My car is covered in pigeon poop.

Isaac didn't have to rub it in.

I thought I heard a thud.

Theodore treated Jordan like a child.

We have big plans for you.

Every vote counts.


I didn't want to spend any more time in jail.


Clark and I will help you.

Ram wants it for himself.

We'll have to talk this matter over in the near future.

She gives me a nasty look every time she sees me.

We saw the monkey at the zoo.

Chet wouldn't even talk to Stevan after she had apologized to him.

He might, however, have seen a wooden peg of a different size or color.


She was aware of the danger of the frozen road.


I'll talk it over with Marty and see what he thinks.


Pantelis was asleep in the hammock, snoring quietly.

Danielle is lovely.

Who sent the flowers?

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The grapes are sour.


I had to do everything alone.


Elwood confessed to having stolen the bicycle.

Should I learn Esperanto?

We have less snow than usual.


We were all little once.

Their grapes suit my palate.

I know Lewis is allergic to peanuts.

Your lives may be in danger.

Don't you have a speech to make?

I saw nothing at all.

My mouth is numb.

What they're doing is none of your business, and you've got enough to worry about as it is. Don't borrow trouble.

He anonymously donated a large sum of money to the Red Cross.

With all his wealth, he is not happy.

They needed jobs and training.

Can you tell us what you're wearing?

Don't rely on Naomi.

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I figured you wouldn't want to go there without me.

Bear in mind that you are dust.

I remember seeing you before.

How soon will you be able to finish the task?

Can you find them for me?


This road was partly destroyed in consequence of the earthquake.

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I guess both of us know that we shouldn't be doing this.

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It tastes just right.

I can't understand if you speak Norwegian.

Do you have a sister?

We are all stupid, but in different fields.

I take it you talked to her.

Just about.

An electric current can generate magnetism.

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The Emperor's Birthday fell on Sunday.

I cannot abide him.

You have to strike the iron while it's hot.

Being left alone, the boy didn't know what to do.

This problem seems to be easy on the surface, but it's really difficult.

I have a bowing acquaintance with Mr Smith.

Mike really thought your sister was something else.


Please do the work at your own convenience.

We've already settled that.

He always listens to serious music.

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Bobbie was babbling.

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Please let me take a day off tomorrow.

Tuna quickly became Japanese food.

Opponents say genetically engineered crops can cross-pollinate and damage other crops.

Just as he was speaking, a fire broke out.

Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that feareth the LORD, she shall be praised.

Deborah is now thinking about it.

When was the last time you jogged?

He is the odd one of the family.

She should not have done such a thing.

We played around the farm.

Sugih didn't go to school yesterday because he didn't want to.

No one really knows what a UFO is like.

I want you to stay here.

"No, I don't," said Mr Jordan.

Genes consist of a specific sequence of DNA.

I miss him a lot.

You were just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

You'll have to study harder next year.

It took me about two and a half hours to dig a hole one meter in diameter and two meters in depth.

I hate pretending I'm having a good time.

Whenever we talk, he gets my adrenaline going.

Randell is living with his family.

I'd appreciate it if you'd help me.

I had no idea anyone lived in this cave.

I'd like to have a glass of water.


Click on the button to confirm your order.

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What channel are you watching?

How much money has been spent on building the museum?

I'll get you a beer.

We closed the discussion.

What's the time now?


He breathed deeply.

We've been working all night.

I don't care about him anymore.

I'm going to change my clothes.

She spends most of her income on books.


I am afraid of having trouble.


My speaking and listening are not as good as my writing.

I love going to book sales.

The question is who's going to do it.

The weather is as fine as can be.

Am I to cry or laugh?

That restaurant serves excellent food.

I thought you were going to call last night.