Summer Break!

It’s been quite an active year in the new Studio! The inaugural year for Plano Guild Auditions in the Delta Region was here! Thanks to all the teachers that signed up to use the Delta Center! We’d love more of you! Here are some of my award winning students. Congratulations! 🎉 You’ve all worked so […]

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Inspiration from Condoleezza Rice

Dear Parents and Students in Music, As we prepare for our next year in piano lessons, I wanted to share this article from Leila Viss a music colleague who attended the MTAC conference a couple of weeks ago.  She captured the fine points of the keynote speech that Condoleezza Rice presented and that I was […]

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Piano Lessons Starting – 2018 & 2019 Season

Now interviewing for next semesters!  Registration begins July 1-10th, 2018. Laura is a musician and piano teacher with 30 years experience with kids ages 3 to 103. She is setting up the 2018/2019 season of lessons which are taught in the Brentwood, CA (94513) area for 45 minutes or an hour depending on if you’re just starting […]

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As music teachers, we try to make it fun, we want to help you realize that music takes practice and practice makes progress. The reality, it’s not all fun, like most people think about something fun anyway. Taking music lessons is an opportunity. Developing skills and mindsets that will last a life-time. Think about these […]


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“Choosing a piano teacher can be a bit like finding the right lawyer, plumber, dentist or hairdresser — professional experience is important, as well as a good fit.”  Sharon Westbrook “A musician must have the discipline of a soldier and the spirit of a gypsy.” Ludwig van Beethoven As parents are considering piano lessons this […]



After running across this article several weeks ago, I wanted to share it again as parent participation in the way their child practices is so important.  Creating specific goals is a wonderful approach and constructive practice equals progress.  As several students are preparing for the National Guild of Piano Teachers auditions this spring, I can’t […]

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This is just fun!  Peter and the Wolf played by the Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra with GoPro cameras attached to several of the instruments.  Enjoy!  Check out the Trombone… Thank You!   Janines Music Room  



If you’re not practicing, they’re all expensive!  OR I could say, It’s the lessons you never take. On Practicing Playing an instrument is a commitment of time and money.  If you’re not practicing correctly, it can be frustrating for everyone involved.  Learning an instrument is more than learning a lot of pieces.  There’s theory, technique and […]


So, this happened….


  So this happened! Thank you Rosanna Foss for bringing life into Beethoven’s classic piece, Für Elise. A lot of practicing and hard work from all involved. Rosanna made it to Carnegie Hall!  Congratulations! Posted by Hey Lo Music on Tuesday, December 1, 2015 “>Carnegie Hall  


We’re Jammin’…

I receive lots of questions about teaching toddlers piano and always advise a rhythm and movement experience with YOU!  Forget formal lessons for awhile and simply make music, sing, create a beat or three.  Here’s an excerpt from an article on the most current research of music and toddlers. “Forget the Mozart Effect and Baby […]