“I think it’s the best bag ever”

Bermane Stiverne, Former WBC Heavyweight Champion

Aqua Training Bags

AquaTrainingBag.com is focused on providing you with new and innovative boxing and fitness equipment for all of your boxing or MMA fitness needs. We do this by harnessing the wonderful qualities of Water (H2O). When you hit our Aqua Training Bag for the first time you will never go back to working out with a traditional heavy bag.



  • "I can throw power shots all day! This bag rocks!"
    John P., Member
  • "Training on the Aqua Punching Bag is no joke."
    Tom M., Member
  • "This bag really makes me work much harder than a regular bag. My punches and kicks really dig into the bag. I am going to order two more of these."
    Roy J., MMA Fitness Gym Owner
  • "I can no longer train on a traditional heavy bag due to injuries I sustained two months ago while training. The Aqua Punching Bag allows me to train again. I love this new product."
    Brandon R., Member