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Exciting News!


After 44 years, and a lot of careful consideration, we would like to announce that we have sold our HR publishing business to our friends at Business and Legal Resources (BLR).  We have confidence that our customers will be in capable hands with BLR and will have access to an even more expansive selection of HR and employment law compliance and training resources.


Please know that it has been our honor to serve you, and we appreciate the trust that each of you have placed in us. 


PPS customers will be receiving full communication shortly, detailing what to expect during the coming transition of your Personnel Policy Manual subscription.  BLR customer service representatives are available to answer all questions at or by calling 800-437-3735


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Catherine Kunkel
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Instant HR Policies
Published by Personnel Policy Service, Inc.

Instant HR Policies is a one-stop resource for creating
fast, plain-English human resources manual policies. It combines the simplicity of an electronic document with up-to-date, legally researched policy language to help you create or update your HR policies quickly and efficiently. Instant HR Policies includes 69 model policies from hiring to termination.

  • 69 Personnel Policies
  • Based on U.S. Federal Law
  • Ideal for employee handbooks
  • Use "as is" or customize for your organization
  • Download now or get on diskette
  • 100% satisfaction or your money back

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Perfect for:

  • Employee Handbooks
  • Creating new policies and manuals
  • Updating existing policies and manuals

Designed for use by:

  • Business Owners/Managers
  • Human Resources Professionals
  • Consultants/Lawyers

About Instant HR Policies

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Policy Writing and Updating: Myths and Truths.
Full story here.


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Employee Handbook

Company Manual

Attendance and Punctuality
Short-Term Absences
Leaves of Absence
Rest Breaks
Meal Breaks
Disclosure of Benefits
Lunch Facilities
Educational Assistance
Employee Counseling
Recognition Awards
Company Products
Athletics and Recreation
Behavior of Employees
Appearance of Employees
Finances of Employees
Customer Relations
Use of Communications
Conflicts of Interest
Disciplinary Procedure
Drugs, Narcotics, Alcohol
Equal Employment Opportunity
Sexual Harassment
Employment Agreements
Orientation and Training
Medical Procedures
Serious Diseases
Introductory Period
Hours of Work
Outside Employment
Employee Classifications
Layoff and Recall
Personnel Records
Community Participation
Suggestion Program
Dispute Resolution
Pay Practices
Salary Administration
Performance Appraisals
Severance Pay
Job Evaluation
Pay Procedures
Personnel Responsibilities
Model Cover
President’s Letter
Functions of this Manual
Employee Supervision
Personnel Manager
Employer-Employee Relations
Automobile Usage
Business Entertaining
Meal Reimbursement
Clubs and Civic Organizations
Trade and Professional Associations
Work Areas
Employee Safety
Maintenance of Work Areas
Personal Property
Special Reports
FLSA Regulations: Understanding the Issues


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