Italy has some of the best art galleries in the world.

It's late, so turn off the TV.

Children used to look up to their parents; now they are inclined to regard them as equals.

When you hear her stories you really must take them with a pinch of salt.

She raised her voice.

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How did you know Victor was going to die?

This dog is mine.

Amedeo says he doesn't want to do that.


Geoffrey rode his bicycle to school.


Donovan has been charged with first-degree murder.

You need to work fast.

You're loaded.

Cats don't wear collars.

He left his poorly paid job for greener pastures elsewhere.

Blair said it'll be difficult.

Yesterday I put on a hat as it was very cold.

There's got to be an answer.

I don't like to add wrong examples to Tatoeba.


They admitted her to the hospital.

I'm a bank clerk.

He is respectable in every way.

We're probably right.

I think I mistakenly deleted that file.

I think it's highly unlikely that Tanaka will eat the sandwich you made for him.

I'm here because I need Sofoklis's help.

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May I have a drink?

Ti was born the year after Everett was born.

He thanked me for the gift.

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I know, but I love him!

We will prepare for a boycott against Western Samoa.

It's so pretty.

Mr. White was the manager of a hotel in Springfield.

I can give Saul a message.

He will eventually ruin himself.

I have difficulty in French.

While working, she had an accident.

We'll find a place of our own.

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If Tait didn't write this, then who did?

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I already feel better about that.

His cat climbed up on the kitchen table and found some tasty meat.

This hurts more than you can imagine.


Clarence trims his beard with the same scissors he uses for everything else.

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I asked James.

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"Please," says the crew member.

What's its name?

I am not the least bit worried.

I have a bad feeling about this.

I'm going back to look for her.

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It's just big enough for you.

It is his favor to be alive now.

Is there any likelihood that Mr Black will agree to the plan?


I'm not leaving you.

Graham lumbered along like an elephant.

I regret not having paid more attention to what the teacher said.

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Take it easy. I can assure you that chances are in your favor.

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There was much activity around the plane.

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I thought Matt would be hard at work.

Ro is very greedy.

It was raining quietly.


The soup in the cup looks very hot.


Voles in the garden are a nuisance.

I don't think this is the time or place to discuss this.

Not driving himself, he isn't familiar with cars.


You have the right to know.

Dan kept walking.

The crowd erupted into laughter.

Everyone was very surprised to discover that the slave girl was in reality a princess.

As I lost so much, I finally started to find myself.

Silence is the only answer to a fool.

As soon as Brett gets here, we'll eat.

God is everywhere but He is most manifest in man. So serve man as God. That is as good as worshipping God.

Deirdre never forgave himself.


I'm feeling kind of breezy today.


Angela is aware of his own faults.


I can't believe you're still single.

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Who else knows about this place?

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Please take care of yourself not to catch cold.

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He is not a teacher but a student.

Many admire him.

In China they also study Esperanto.

That was surprising.

There's a lot of fruit.

Daryl still isn't totally convinced.

I owe my success to their help.

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It would be best for you to follow the doctor's orders.

I love her to death.

A mutiny on my ship? It's completely impossible.

She was pretty, wasn't she?

Earl and Archie agreed to work together on the project.

They drank a bottle of red wine at dinner.

I have a large family to provide for.

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Water is scarce in this area.

He wrote me four letters.

The prisoner was pardoned by the governor.

Don't lose sleep over that.

You can't depend upon that.

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Wolf is very sad.

People should wash themselves.

Did they give you any other information?

What is this world coming to?

The audience was excited at the game.

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We're closed tomorrow.

I've shut all six windows.

I've got nothing to worry about.

Francisco has nothing on his mind but his model train set.

Dan was killed in an explosion in Baghdad.

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She lives on the ground floor.

Please don't ask me about him.

I saw my neighbor's dog running around in the yard.

"What time is it now?" "It's ten o'clock."

Why did you absent yourself from class yesterday?


We weren't given any food or water.


He will figure on inviting a lot of guests to the opening ceremony.


Cindy couldn't understand what Siping was saying.

I like you.

Do me a favor and shut up.

He didn't even know our names.

He doesn't work here anymore.


I don't think Matthew is as pretty as her sister.


Are you through with this book?

It being very cold, we stayed at home.

The Man is keeping me down.

A dolphin is no more a fish than a dog is.

They betrayed Omar.

The people there made way for the fire engine.

One can't change one's set of values.

He wouldn't look at my proposal.

The snow melted in the sun.

The monkey got away.

It is now believed that Ceres formed 4.6 billion years ago when the solar system was forming.

Don't play poker with them.

I ran into Frank yesterday.

Can I borrow this for a while?

What was that you just did?


Pierce lives in the woods without electricity and running water.


Hey, can I have that?

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Police dogs are trained to obey without hesitation.

Toerless attributed his success to Lucius's help.

Do you think we convinced her?

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She was a tall, thin girl with long, soft brown hair.

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She looks young, but she's actually over forty.

He handled the affairs of the company badly.

It's unique and irreplaceable.

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Did you really get it for free?

Where did you go after your talk with Matthew?

Lewis has been charged with first-degree murder.

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Kyle never told me why he got divorced.

Ken called this morning.

He often shows his anger.

Who were the members of The Beatles?

He thinks that she will leave.

They did not invite me to their wedding.

Click: Quickly pushing the mouse's left hand side button once.


How much does this sofa cost?

Are you the only ones left?

That could take weeks.