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Transforming the way healthcare officials collaborate to track people, pets, and associated property and equipment during evacuations, large events, mass casualty incidents and public health emergencies.

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Comprehensive Web-based Solutions for Emergency Preparedness

Intermedix EMSystems is a recognized leading provider of comprehensive and interoperable technology solutions for emergency preparedness and response within the healthcare continuum. Serving more than 70% of the nation's population, Intermedix EMSystems’ solutions are used by thousands of hospitals, EMS providers, fire departments, law enforcement agencies, and state/local departments of health. These proven solutions enhance emergency preparedness and response to medical emergencies, mass casualty events, and public health incidents by providing comprehensive real-time communications, multi-media alerting, inventory resource allocation, volunteer registry management, patient and evacuee tracking, and pre-hospital patient care records.

Intermedix EMSystems Announces


May 2010

Intermedix Acquires EMSystems

Intermedix Corporation, the leading provider of technology-based business services to emergency healthcare service providers, announced the acquisition of EMSystems, LLC, a leading provider of web-based healthcare information technology solutions in the public health and emergency services markets.

EMSystems now operates under the trade name Intermedix EMSystems as a division of Intermedix Corporation.

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    EMSystems Acquires Med Media, Inc. in October 2009

    EMSystems has acquired Med Media, a leader in EMS, healthcare and emergency management software solutions. Together the combined company will provide the most comprehensive emergency preparedness and response solutions and service offerings to more than 15,000 health care providers in 43 states – more than any other provider in the industry.

  • EMSystems Announces Response Manager SaaS
    EMSystems Announces Response Manager™ SaaS

    In February 2010, EMSystems announced delivery of another proven and integrated SaaS (Software as a Service) solution in the nation’s largest and most successful Health Alert Network, Response Manager™. The Response Manager SaaS solution offers a superior price / value proposition compared to the traditional software installation model, reducing the total cost of ownership.

Success Story: New HAvBED Elements in EMResource

HHS announced 17 additional data elements required for compliance with the ASPR Hospital Preparedness Program (HPP) cooperative agreement. These additional data elements address situational assessment, such as current level of operations, facility stress indicators, and ventilator availability. EMSystems developers worked closely with HHS technical staff to establish the new data schema and map the data elements.

One week after the announcement of the new HAvBED requirements, EMResource customers began reporting and submitting their data. By October, 14 states had successfully reported all required HAvBED data elements to HHS via the EMResource application.

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EMSystems Announces Response Manager® SaaS

February 2010

In February 2010, EMSystems announced delivery of another proven and integrated SaaS (Software as a Service) solution in the nation’s largest and most successful Health Alert Network, Response Manager™. This industry-leading communications and collaboration portal is used by 20 states nationwide, representing more than 49% of the country's population.

State of Florida leverages EMSystems’ applications to provide care to Haitian earthquake patient evacuees

February 2010

The State of Florida is currently leveraging EMSystems’ EMTrack™ and EMResource™ to collaborate, communicate, and manage resources with state entities and officials in order to track and provide medical care to evacuees from Haiti.

EMSystems’ Clients Respond to H1N1

January 2010

As the nation prepares and responds to flu seasons, health departments are leveraging technology to develop and implement plans to monitor and track influenza outbreaks, with a specific focus on Novel H1N1. This year, EMResource™, Response Manager™, and EMTrack™ are proving to be very valuable to organizations as they coordinate H1N1 flu detection, outbreak management, and patient care.