Wendy is a terrible liar.

I forgot to tell you who would meet you at the station.

I didn't give anything to Pradeep.


According to the weather forecast, there'll be more rain on the way.

The teachers assembled their classes in the gymnasium.

I thought over my future.

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The future was five minutes ago.

Is Germany as beautiful as the Netherlands?

If he tries hard, he will succeed.


He is a methodical person.

This is private property.

What can Theodore do?

The girl, her eyes shining brightly from that single hint, makes her cute cat-motif automatic pencil run across her notebook.

Our universe is expanding.

Bruno kindly answered questions.

Vernon drew a picture of a dolphin.

He looked through the microscope.

I got one.

Who would believe me?

I had my only son die of cancer.

Earle has lived alone for a long time.

Our school is near a park.


Bioremediation and environmental engineering of Terra saved that planet from pollution and desertification.

The whale is well known to be the largest mammal.

It's a skilful card player.

What is the difference between a lightning bolt and a lightning flash?

Are you going?

I'd like a glass of red wine, please.

French is too hard, I don't want to learn it.


Why are you clearing the garden?

I missed the beginning of the movie.

He felt in his pocket for his wallet.


They're hungry.

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You have a lot to learn about business.

Why doesn't she call me anymore?

If it was easy, anybody could do it.


Mongo told me that he thought the dress that Roderick was wearing was too short.

He knows the universe and doesn't know himself.

He dared ignore my advice.

You want to hear something funny?

I know exactly how David feels.

Rafik is an interesting guy.

How has your weekend been so far?

The first and the simplest emotion which we discover in the human mind is Curiosity.

Please don't leave us here.

Anton has obviously been dead for a while.

I feel more tired in the wintertime.


Let's start at 2:30.


I didn't expect to see you.

The students are all learning English.

He threw up.

I need to know what happened that night.

Why do you want to come with me?

Don't compare yourself to her.

Why don't you ever tell me where to charge my time for your stinking assignments?

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"Excuse me", Ann broke in.

Can you keep an eye on her?

I depend on my reading glasses.

He seems to be very fond of the boy.

I'm wide open for suggestions.

I am sorry," said the Owl, "to have to contradict the Crow, my famous friend and colleague. To my mind this Marionette is alive; but if, by any evil chance, he were not, then that would be a sure sign that he is wholly dead!"

We can't let this happen.


My first computer had only 128 kilobytes of memory!


I don't expect that to ever happen again.

So what if you show up and she's not there and then it starts to pour?

I don't want to talk anymore.

Please don't be cold!

There's no telling how long they'll last.

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We paid for our food and then left.

Only your stubborn opinions have to be listened to.

He forgot to turn off the light.

I will look after this child.

Is it really everywhere?

I haven't even told Darin my idea yet.

I'd like to be in Paris.


It may be unwise of you to advertise your presence.

It's not necessary to take all of that medicine.

Bright as he is, he is slow in giving his opinions.

I think they are a competent person.

Are you sure you want to go to Germany?


Neal isn't all that rich, is he?

No suspicion may be attached to the accountant.

It is difficult, if not impossible, for me to beat him at tennis.

Don't put such silly thoughts into his head.

Note that the impetus for change has undergone a series of transformations in this community.


It's so hard.

Do you usually use a pick when you play the guitar?

Roberto knew what he was supposed to do.

I love you like I love myself.

People came to see the strange animal in the zoo one after another.


I have been thinking about you.

I know I have to sleep now.

It is forbidden for you to touch that switch.

This is the computer I told you about.

After the rain the sun shines much brighter.

Do you have any questions about this lesson?

Do you care to hazard a guess?

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I'll tell you why.

Your computer is completely unprotected.

I think I'm going to go now.


Sriram has to stay in bed.

We have to make sure that doesn't happen again.

They're horrible.


The storm abated.

There is yet one minor blemish.

I could never hurt her.

Students who spend more time doing homework have better results in school.

I love Kemal so much.

It's ridiculous.

We should hire her.

Bradford is afraid of snakes.

The suspect was innocent of the crime.

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There isn't a single mistake in his paper.

The sentence is senseless, but correct.

I don't like the idea of leaving Jennifer alone.


I got really mad.

Jon explained in detail but I don't understand it.

You're not the only one hurting here.

We'd like you to sing some songs.

Tal was very sympathetic to Kazuhiro.

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The novel is worthy of praise.

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Quakers believe that all people are equal.


This isn't right.

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Someone famous said that imagination is more important than intelligence.

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I'll go first!

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You'll have it in June? 'June bride' has a nice ring, doesn't it?

You're wondering why I did it, aren't you?

Our house commands a beautiful view.


Where did you put your key?

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Don't hang all over her like that in public.


Come at least at six.

I will never get back together with her.

Lynn said he can get us what we need.

We're sitting targets here. We need to find cover.

I bought fresh bread.

I've been having a terrible headache since last night, I feel horrible, it's the worst feeling.

The scene of the murder was too terrible to describe.

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"Is there a glass?" "Yes, there's one on the table."

The new phone book is here!

Your plan is bound to fail.


Hurry up, and you will be in time for the bus.

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I'm here because I have to be here.

All of my friends like her.

I will stay.

Can you believe that summer is almost over?

He hasn't made a record or had a concert for many years.


"Do you speak German?" "No, I don't."

We're so happy for you.

Why do you live alone?

I have a better plan.

Such a crime cannot be despised enough.

Give me that bottle.

We gave him a royal send-off at the airport.

Count to ten.

Write an answer.

They're watching her.

They got off at the next bus stop.

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Who wouldn't love cats?

More students than ever before have sat for their bar examinations this year.

That's what got him killed.

We should come in.

Why can't you tell us?