I'd like to hear what you think.

I've been studying French for a long time, but I'm not yet fluent.

They shot down two enemy planes during the raid.

Raul might be able to tell us what must be done.

Where is Manila?

I didn't like them at all.

Andy knew that Ginny was studying French.

Salt is sold by weight.

Amy has come out of his coma.

I just saw Ramsey and Sean.

Not once did she look at me.

We went all out to finish the work before dark.

He wants that.

"Ah! I'm dying," said Pierrette, falling to her knees. "Who will save me?"

Even Axel was surprised.

The police are looking for him.

Geoffrey's wife died three years ago.

Enough, I said.

I was lovely.

Why don't you come visit us?

We shouldn't do this to him.

Olaf grew a long beard.

Let's see what you're made of.

Julius can't already imagine his life without a car.

What time will the train to Kyoto arrive?

You eat too fast.

Have a good life.

Are any of those things true?

Hillary smiled inwardly.

Jeffie lacks experience, doesn't he?

The dentist pulled out her bad tooth.

How long did it last?

May I leave my homework here?

What the hell was that supposed to mean?

She shows a very positive attitude to her work.

She came back in the room when we spoke ill of her.

Jane opened the door, expecting to see Bruno.

Everyone's looking for me.

I can't shake off my cold.

In principle, there should be a parking place for every car. In practice, this is not true.

You've made your position clear.

It began to rain.

His existence here was a state of exilement or transportation from heaven, and the way back to his original country was to die.

She redid her lipstick.

I am a senior at Hyogo University.

We see the same side of the moon at all times.

He was kind enough to show me the post office.

Don't text and drive.

Better to be a happy fool than an unhappy sage.

I don't know anybody here in this town.

Israel's right to exist should not be up for discussion.

Billie is here and he'd like to talk to you.

It is better for you to do it now.

I've been writing a lot.

Mitchell sells vegetables on the side of the road.

Konrad looks somewhat angry.

The beaches of the French Riviera are very beautiful.

I wonder what Jong will order for dinner.

I would like to bring you to a good place for our honeymoon.

I heard you were here.

Chris gets 7 gold coins!

He kept on laughing at me.

Do you have a girl?

The detective surprised the truth from the waitress.

Give that cat to us.

Run fast, otherwise you will miss the bus.

The police used coercive techniques when questioning suspects.

My brother would often stay up all night reading novels.

We're going to the movies tonight.

You may sit.

I have several friends who speak French fairly well.

Have you ever shaken hands with the President?

Staying at home is boring.

Devon didn't show.

Dan placed his daughter, Linda, under the care of a psychiatrist.

As I entered the coffee shop, I found two young men watching a wrestling match on television.

I'd like a hot tea with honey.

Jarmo says he can't give me what I need.

I would like to open a checking account.

There are no special rules as regards what clothes we should wear.

Do you have a fever? You look flushed.

Am I hurting you?

I like being with you.

We watched TV after lunch.

I prefer to spend time with friends.

I was much confused by his questions.

I've memorized the model number of the charger.

I'd be very glad if you'd come.

Are you getting along well with your new schoolmates?

There are pictures on alternate pages of the book.

I haven't talked to Vincenzo in almost a year.

I adore the opera.

Do I really remind you of her?

What wasn't easy?

After two hours watching the TV, I used to feel drowsy.

She argued with him about money.

His boat has been at sea for two hours.

Hank is a priest.

She cries continously.

An epicanthal fold, as is found among many peoples of East Asia, can be surgically removed. The reverse procedure is not possible.

In my opinion, he's the right man for the job.

In the worst case scenario we'll just have to look as happy as we can.

A shower has laid the dust.

Srinivasan cut his hand with a rusty knife.

Lila announced he was retiring.

Jakob drank some milk.

She wanted him to tell her that he loved her.

I had a good idea.

My parents usually speak to each other in French, even though my mother is a native English speaker.

He had been inconvenienced.

He really likes science fiction.

I'm not very good at chess.

Juliet took a yoga class.

You can't win an argument with an idiot.

He lives next door to us.

I completely agree with Hans.

Cathrin was John's roommate.

I thought Brad was from Boston.

He likes traveling and so do I.

Where's the rest of the money?

It is out of the question to digest his theory.

Did you get married?

The party was not altogether pleasant.

You have to tell Brendan. If you don't, I will.

Did you choose an interesting book for your son?

I'm sorry that you are leaving here.

Blaine always forgives Claudio, no matter what she does.

You're not supposed to be doing that.

When Dan complained about the loud music, Linda mocked him.

He dried his wet clothes by the fire.

Bruno didn't hesitate to agree.

The word "cisgender" refers to someone who is not transgender.

I'd like to get to know you better.

Wingless insects are less scary than winged ones.

I talked as a friend.

I ate the thalipeeth.

What are you going to do about that problem?

According to him, she is honest.

Are these soldiers or monsters?

She has a kid.

I wonder if you ever think of me.

I told him not to use those.

I want soup.

Gil couldn't hide his pain.

Weather's pretty nice tonight.

Oskar could see Jeffie from where he stood.

It goes back, Personnel Officer Paula Grayson told us, to the way many employers used to pay their employees a hundred years ago.

Did June oversleep?

I need a holiday.

I cannot thank you too much for your hospitality.

That girl is under the delusion that she is a princess.

I got hit.

But there's a problem.

I can understand French better than I can speak it.

It's better if you take what Emily says with a grain of salt.

Didn't you hear her?

I thank you for the trust that you have expressed in me.

I stay home.

What's your favorite national park?

His wide-ranging stances on various issues cement him as a centrist.

Only your project matters.

I don't like her language.

How could you do that?

I saw Charley there.

I have one more.

Isabelle regularly eats sushi with his mother.

I'm looking forward to my birthday.

At the party the other night, my brother drank a bit too much and passed out.

I have a great deal of work to do.

I'm going to return this to Syun.

He's gonna have to throw himself on the mercy of the court.

I'd like my coffee weak.

It saved our lives.

This is a pear.

Luck is against me.

Who was the inventor of the telephone, Bell or Meucci?

Extend condolences to him on his father's death.

Have you ever eaten anything that made you hallucinate?

His style (if you were to call it that) was excessively (though I run the risk of hypocrisy) parenthetical (pardon the pun).

Tyler took my picture.

Sorry, I don't understand what you are saying.

I made some mistakes on the test.

Don't make a decision right now.

Italy has two mountain ranges, the Alps and the Apennines.

Do you often eat dinner with your family?

I pawned my guitar to pay the rent.

She spoke with a soft voice.

My uncle has a deep interest in art.

The media are not reporting these stories.

Do you think Suwandi did it?

Dampen the edges of the pastry in the dish with a little cold water, cover with the lid, press the edges firmly together, and crimp to decorate.

They had us surrounded.

He was getting old.

Language learning: A process by which a person reduces his ignorance of a language over time.

I can't explain everything now.

The music you listen to reflects your inner world.

Your team is very good, but theirs is the best.

Dinner will be served at 6:30.

A cough and love can't be hidden.

I'll take a beer.