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Blockchain solutions for supply chain management


Our mission

Global supply chains are complex and opaque, which creates inefficiencies and allows bad actors to thrive. Using blockchain and smart contracts we aim to foster transparency,  enhance security, and increase efficiency across global supply chains

Foster transparency

Guarantee provenance of assets at every step of the supply chain, from point of origin to final purchase


Enhance security

Prevent fake or synthetic products being injected into supply chains, and eliminate illegal practices and goods being masked from end users.

Increase efficiency

Streamline contracts, automate payments and settlements to eliminate excessive paperwork and delayed payments to raw material suppliers.


CarbonChain is an agnostic platform for guaranteeing asset provenance in global supply chains. Utilising smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain, we are able to track assets as they move from point of origin to the end customer.


Ethereum-based decentralised solution guarantees immutability of transactions on the blockchain.


Smart contracts

Smart contracts ensure provenance in supply chains while automating processes.


Cryptographic security keeps sensitive data away from the public blockchain while ensuring the immutability of transactions.

Use Cases

The CarbonChain platform has been built from the ground up to be highly scalable across multiple products and industries with opaque & easily manipulated supply chains.





Precious metals




Bulk materials


Pulp and wood


Oil and gas





CarbonChain is led by a team London Business School alumni who have previously worked for, amongst others, Rio Tinto, The Boston Consulting Group, Goldman Sachs, Amazon, and Octopus Labs.  We have deep experience in supply chain management, logistics, blockchain, technology and consulting.

Adam Hearne

CEO & Co-founder

Adam has been a mover of physical goods for as long as he can remember. From moving million tonnes of ore around the world at Rio Tinto, to moving millions of parcels at Amazon, Adam’s got all the knowledge of modern day challenges faced by age old supply chains and how to change that.


Roheet Shah

COO & Co-founder

Roheet’s been finding solutions to complex problems for some time now. From creating housing funds in Syria to owning a smart home P&L for Amazon, he’s constantly leveraging his management consulting & project implementation chops from BCG to make the CarbonChain mission a reality.

Kaustav Mitra


Kaustav’s wrote his first code when he was 10. Since then, he’s been an aerospace engineer at Airbus, a risk strat at Goldman Sachs, and data science & growth leader at Octopus Labs. And now he’s building the technology behind the CarbonChain platform.

Dr. Shailesh Shah


Dr. Shah has more than 35+ years in risk management. As former Chief Risk Officer of Wealth Management at UBS AG, he’s been mentoring and advising the team on building the business from the ground up both operationally and financially.

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Member of the 2017-18 LBS Incubator Cohort.

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Awarded Emerging and Enabling Grant Funding (June 2018) to develop innovative solutions to challenges in emerging and enabling technologies.

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