Emil wondered why Nicholas didn't like him.

There was an alarm clock in Dan's room.

You were never my type.

Everything's quite informal.

We'll be right out.

Alf spends a lot of time on her phone, texting and e-mailing her friends.

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It's one of my favorite movies.

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Laurel still goes to Boston every summer.


He is anything but that.


I think it's interesting.

I don't think Vassos has too many friends.

Dane prefers having dogs over cats.

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Ill weeds are sure to thrive.


He permitted them to walk in the garden.

Marguerite, don't play dumb with me.

The loss of childhood spontaneity has caused widespread concern, as well as calls for review of the nation's educational and social structures.

A sentence is a sentence.

Can I stop by?

We've run into similar problems before.

Wormholes allow spaceships to travel throughout the galaxy.

I'll write it down for you.

Blayne has no interest in golf.

I think you've learned a valuable lesson.

These shoes vary in size, but not in shape.

Where are you getting the money from?

Jorge knew that she was developing a problem when her usual five o'clock drink started happening at twelve o'clock.

The doctor rushed to his patient.

The last time I saw Nou was three weeks ago.

Have you dug up potatoes?

Thank you for not betraying me.

He shall have a holiday one of these days.

I have to go and see what Miriam wants.

Don't talk to me about Kelvin.

These are our kids.

Are you going to do it?

He attended the party yesterday.

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Just leave me alone. You're pathetic.

We're in a hurry, so let's take a taxi.

Is there any hot water left?

He ignored his mother's advice.

The cloud is grey.


Do you think that I'm sad?

I have to eat my lunch.

Her name was wrongly spelled.


Gold will not buy everything.


Are you guys really OK?

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If I understood, I would tell you.

I love this video.

Happy is he who desires nothing anymore!

The train was late because of an accident.

Why don't you tell Dominic about it?


Everyone turned to look at me.

Without air we would die.

Mining-induced earthquakes are a frequent occurrence in the Ruhr area.

Meet you there on Sunday morning. Can't wait for it.

Get rid of her.

You have been beaten. Give in!

They can't stand passionfruit, but I think it's delicious.

Gregg said this movie wasn't very good.

I remember it like it happened yesterday.


The playwright cherishes the vivid memories of his childhood.

It is going to be cold tonight.

She is reliable, polite and knowledgeable.

Budapest is not Bucharest.

Raising a child is a big job.

It's too soon to tell.

He's very knowledgeable.

I need information.

We have our own problems to solve.

I'll need a few minutes.

The hurricane damaged the small house.


Wendi walked towards the door.

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Will John come to see us tomorrow?

Do you know what it says?

Lindsay expected her high scores on the standardized test to help her get into college.


Take her for a swim.

Doesn't love always begin that way?

He is eight.


I followed Dawn home.

Marika is Finnish, but she knows German.

I've got him with me.

The result fell short of our expectations.

The conquest of Constantinople marks the end of the Middle Ages.

Do you have to decide that now?

The label is stuck on the box.

I know it's hard to understand.

It seems to me that she is almost fifteen years old.

He had to take care of his dog himself.

He repaired my watch for me.

It's everything we could've hoped for.

Can you Braille?


You must speak in a loud voice.


Brooke and his friends went to the circus.

How did you acquire your wealth?

I'm not the manager.

First of all, I will read this.

I told you Knut would be late.

My bladder is bursting.

We all know what happened here.

Martyn went back to where he had met Jean-Christophe earlier.

In 2015, New Zealand's population is less than 5 million.

She accepted his gift.

He worked too hard and destroyed his health.

I have good credit.

Dan threatened to kill Linda.

If Triantaphyllos goes, I'll go with him.

Close your eyes and take a deep breath.

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You'll like him once you've had a chance to talk to him.


I'm dead broke.

We've got a pretty good idea of what might happen.

I have some things I want to do.


He is in the habit of staying up late at night.

Truth or lie? It depends on the advertising.

I don't feel sorry for them.


Luckily, all the passengers were wearing their seatbelts.

I'm sure we can trust him.

The police took the hostages to safety.

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We have a dog.

Just get in.

Who really cares?


I wish I were a good singer.

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The problem is we don't know where Molly is.

I got inked.

She took offense at something.


How high above sea level are you right now?


The Russians copy the French ways, but always fifty years later.

He is living apart from his wife.

I decided to tell him the truth.

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I prefer cookies and candies to alcohol, but I do drink.

I don't have the time or the money.

Dawson followed the instructions.


Kamiya isn't like people say he is.


We had scarcely returned when it began raining.

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The tsunami alert was cancelled.

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They competed all over the world.


This offer is not subject to the usual discounts.

Would you like me to help you?

Elizabeth acted like a jerk.

I'm not as fond of music as you are.

The balloon was caught in the tree.

They don't want you on the team.

The clever student finished the test quickly.


Olivier, don't you have somewhere more important to be?

They entered cautiously.

Have you talked to Vernon personally?


I broke out into a cold sweat.

You're standing in my way.

Shane threw her arms around her father's neck.

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Gill didn't recognize the person sitting next to him.

I was in Boston for the entire summer.

I made a mess of it.

We should break up.

Only after a century and a half of confusion was the royal authority restored.

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The birds are weathering the storm underneath the eaves of the house.

I just wanted to teach you a lesson.

When the wine goes in, strange things come out.

Dan's body was found in a well with fifty stab wounds.

Ireland is famous for its lace.

It seems interesting.

Jim also was very thirsty.

I think this is a bad idea.

You should've seen us.