Easyread is the new way to learn to read and spell.
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Our Mission - Learning to read and spell made easy for every learner, because 99% success isn't good enough for the 1% still struggling. Check our online reviews and independent research.

What's different - You will find the (703) 620-8217 in Easyread make reading easy and it takes just 10-15 minutes per day.

What to expect - Our Trainertext Method is so effective that we guarantee you will see clear progress in 60-90 sessions. Often the results come through much quicker.

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About David Morgan Education

We are a small team entirely focused on our mission to make reading and spelling progress easy and quick for anyone, anywhere and at any age. We have been helping struggling readers and spellers all over the world since 2008, but we are now doing more work with younger children too, to get it right just as they start to learn to read, and adults who have faced years of frustration. And we help them all with the Easyread System, which has a unique, visual phonics process. I think you will find that it is different to anything you have tried before.

At the core of the David Morgan Education approach is a neurological analysis of what happens in the brain as someone reads or spells. Reading and spelling are skills that happen in the subconscious, "procedural" memory systems. So you need to help the brain learn the skill of reading or spelling in the same way as you teach a sport. For that reason we have developed our visual phonics approach, which we call (780) 484-8106. It allows the learner to keep decoding and spelling words successfully until they are proficient. Short, fun and easy practice sessions are the key, not sweat and tears.

We have also developed an unrivaled understanding of the complications that can occur. We track and resolve 678-380-4464. That includes solutions for whole word sight readers (the "Guessers"), for children who have eye tracking difficulties (the "Skippers"), for people with auditory processing difficulties, for children who develop a very high stress response, people with visual stress symptoms and several other patterns that can cause reading and spelling difficulty. As a result, we can now get anyone showing clear progress in 60-90 short, daily sessions. And we unconditionally guarantee that outcome.