Well, it seems he's paid off his debts, but how on Earth did he arrange that amount of money?

I have some pictures that I think that you might be interested in seeing.

It's impossible for someone to be older than his mother, unless he has a time machine.

Am I going to need a lawyer?

Naren tried that.

Please don't touch the exhibits.

One of these two methods is right.

I don't see it.

I can't remember where I first met him.

She stole my clothes!

Marriage is the main cause of all divorces.

I don't like cops.


Beethoven gradually lost his hearing.

Let's postpone dinner.

I need to drop these useless perceptions to take full throttle over my life.

You thanked Myrick for the present.

Theory is quite useless unless it works in practice.

Let the good times roll.

Well, you have to be honest with Axel.

The didn't even have the decency to admit it was his fault.

I eat.

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I bet I can guess.

Samir promised not to hurt Alison.

I can't stop thinking about what I saw.

It's really true, isn't it?

Neal is used to dealing with this kind of problem.

I play football.

He's rich, but he's not happy.

Sarah won't tell me why.

Keep looking for him.

You have to clean your room.

He's outraged.

You didn't eat all that chocolate I bought, did you?

It was a very busy month last month.


I bought chicken, even though Kari wanted me to buy beef.


Your sentences are too difficult to translate.

Jane grew up to be a fine lady.

Robbin and Dimetry have everything they need.


This is not yours.

Dan and Linda failed to conceive.

Its long neck resembles that of a horse.

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I am taking a bath now.

It would be a waste of time to do that.

The dog barks at all strangers.

Who doesn't come, doesn't disturb.

Tuan is the one who told me that I should read this book.

Ask her to call me.

Judging from the look of the sky, it is likely to rain.

You're more than welcome to pop in whenever you like.

She has waded into one controversy after another.

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According to the radio, it'll rain tomorrow.

I thought you looked depressed.

What specifically seems to be the problem?

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I got lost three times.

We've been at this for three hours.

Holy Week is the week just before Easter.

The guys are sleeping like dogs.

You are free to talk with anyone.

Seth is good at keeping secrets.

The mystery surrounding his death was played up by the media.


The majority was for him.


Stand on the scale.


What is the name of the restaurant?


How long was the journey to New York?


Don't try to talk.

Mars is covered by a dirt which has a lot of iron. The iron makes the planet look red.

Milk was sold in glass bottles.


Ricky sells shoes.


Show me the person who loves you.

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Colin looked sideways at Gill.


The cows grant us their milk, and the chickens grant us their eggs.


Don't commit yourself to doing it within a week.

He is displeased at her rude behavior.

We ought to take the teacher's advice.

I want to come here next winter again.

Doug told me that's not true.

Most of the online users I play poker with have been newbies.

He was too proud to accept any reward.


The name of Marco's car is 'Thunder Giant'.


Two pages are missing from this book.


We paid for it.

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I'm done fooling around now.

The trees were covered with snow.

I made you coffee.


Dana put the car into gear.

She laid the child down to sleep.

I hope Pim doesn't change his mind.

If you want my vote, you'll have to earn it.

We can have a drink before we go to the restaurant.


He has a good fastball.


You stay away.

Do not place any rubber or vinyl materials on the product exterior for an extended period of time.

Hillel must've left this for you.


Dion wants to know how he can lose weight quickly and safely.

Have you spoken to Mick recently?

Did Mahesh ask us to wait?


You cannot add a real number and an imaginary number.

Don't bank too much on that business.

I'm sorry I'm late replying to your email.

She wants to live in the city.

Who teaches you English conversation?

It was freezing!

You're very perceptive.


The first batter up got a base hit.

Is France on the decline?

Blaine was desperate.


There, now! What did I tell you?


The other boys smiled.

As I told you before, I can't understand French.

You're the only other person who knows what actually happened.

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Did Connie answer all your questions?

The man dashed the bottle against the wall.

What's your favorite weapon?


I was thinking about you a lot today.

She was the first one to help him.

I'll talk it over with Lucius and see what he thinks.

She is a woman of great beauty.

You must do it quickly.

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It is no use looking for the cake; I already ate it.

That was kickass!

I am looking for my brother.

Sanand tried to fight back his assailant.

I got a lot of pleasure out of seeing Carlos.

Look at that boy who is swimming.

I wanted to buy a huge stuffed bear at Ken's but it was not for sale.

Why couldn't you do that?

Ian said he was heading to the airport.


You will have to go without her.

Do you remember what you told me?

I wash my hair every day.

Olson began reading that book three weeks ago and he still has only read less than half of it.

Guido and Joel live in different states.

The store lost its trade to the supermarket.

I tried to install a new browser.

Would you follow me?

I think he is a very kind man.


She said that she brushes her teeth every morning.

"Will you buy it for me?" "Buy what?"

I've already paid for it.

Ask Shean not to go there.

When are you coming back? That all depends on the weather.

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He looked into her eyes.

I don't miss Margaret a bit.

He hasn't come of age yet.

Monopoly is a popular game for families to play.

I've been here for a while now.

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To understand it, you have only to read this book.

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He had a hasty breakfast.

Today is June 18 and it is Muriel's birthday!

I will have been studying English for five years next February.

However hard she tried, she was unable to please him.

Many people thought that the war would be over by Christmas.

You've invited your friends as well?

I didn't want Dorothy to bother me.


I'll bring you happiness.


The whole town knows of it.

Markus broke Brooke's mug.

It's far too dangerous.

I don't want you to date him.

He raised a finger in protest.