Among the five of us, he's surely the one who can speak the most languages.

She listened to me.

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The students like to personalize their name tags by drawing pictures on them and using vibrant markers.

What'll you be doing this summer?

I'm pretty sure I can help you.


You kiss like a fish.

Raja can't come with us.

Lucifer smiled knowingly.


Nguyen couldn't find what he was looking for.

I got a motorcycle driver's license when I was sixteen and a half.

I'm still trying to get used to the new system.

Is that what I think it is?

I kept telling Rajarshi to calm down.

Could you give this data a final check for me?

Gabriel is now the proud father of a healthy baby girl.

Stacy taught me how to play the blues on the piano.

The lion roars.

I know you were giving Barrio money.

Please turn the car around.


Wanna try the hot tub?

She is always well made up.

He gave a loud cry for help.

I don't have time for reading.

If you participate in a decathlon you'll be throwing a discus at some point.

This is bulky, so I'll send it by home delivery.

You should keep your promises.

She sorted the files in alphabetical order.

Spass has been reading my mail.

The usual business hours in this office are from nine to five.

Agatha came to our house uninvited.

It kept raining all day long.

Pawn pawned by pawn.


Lenny said he didn't feel well.

Everybody was doing it.

Coleen could feel the sun on his neck.

I'll burn the midnight oil tonight.

Mosur just told me something personal.

Excuse me, but may I use the phone?

Darryl came home crying after school.


Who wants that?


Let me in. I have to talk to you.

The email is not registered, or the password does not match.

Cold weather keeps many plants from blooming.


Ravindranath still works here.

Say it in German.

I've always wanted to live in a mansion.

The mayor is said to be on the take.

Take advantage of every opportunity.

Please try to stay calm.

What could be the reason?

You're cheating.

I'm not going to eat anything you cook.


Can you call her?

I should like to have a friend to correspond with.

We're in 2013.


Did Novorolsky call you last night?

I think I've found someone interested in buying your house.

I am going to pick up my brother from school.

I've been painting the ceiling.

The first step is very difficult.

I awoke to find everything had been a dream.

Now it's time for you to go.


Hillel should be fired, too.

Why aren't you upset?

I'm not unsympathetic about what you're going through.

I think you've already met him.

Hundreds of extrasolar planets have been discovered.

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Bret went into his room.


Pablo doesn't look convinced.

Do you really want me to tell Roxie?

I can't wait to get out of here.


Where did you work before you came here?

Could I have some coffee, please?

Tell me what I should do.

You don't think it was a suicide, do you?

Excuse me, which way is the station?

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You're not going to cry, are you?


Raghu vacuumed his car.

I bought her a beautiful dress.

Please don't lie to me.

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My mother is anxious about my future.

Are you a god?

I must find a way to help Boyd.

We weren't able to reach Eliot.

Put price labels on each individual item.


Why is Pantelis not here?


Konrad was branded a thief.


Maybe he will not come.

I'm not a gambler.

I want to see her now.


It looks like it's quarter past ten now.

I'll tell you only what you need to know.

Why are you lying to us?

"Do you want a drink?" "No, thanks. I'm driving."

Marsh shouldn't have to do that.

Let's figure it out.

An effective writer is one who knows what sort of words should be employed in any specific context.

Italy is a beautiful land.

You have to turn to the history and go a few centuries back to the Renaissance era, to Leonardo da Vinci, in order to find as fascinating a man who not only dilettante, but with a genius working in many different fields.

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You can't carry on like this.

We traveled around the world last year.

Elizabeth's doing very well.

We danced to the music.

The use of bright colors is one of the features of his paintings.


We will be able to build farms and create fields there.

I want you to stay tonight.

Patty got away with the money.

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She asked me how old I was.

She traveled around the world.

I can't go out.

Hey, we'd better get started.

Can you play Jingle Bells?

He's going to get fired.

That sports are gaining in popularity all over the world is evidenced by the sports news in the papers by the many sports equipment stores, and by the numbers of runners who participate in marathons or other races.

Don't leave me here alone.

He is from Osaka, as is shown by his accent.

He has a claim to be called Europe's leading statesman.

I have my limits. If you cross them, I'll gladly walk away.

I'd like to have Sex on the Beach. Please don't misunderstand me! I'm speaking about a drink.

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.


He wanted the toy worse than before.

We can't go on like this.

Judge is worried about being sued.

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I think we should let Daryl get some rest.

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In Esperanto the final o is a word that means: which is.

Something very weird happened to Molly.

You can't help him.

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Life's seed is laid.

I told Donna not to tell Piercarlo.

I got them some water.

Stars can be seen clearly in this area.

You worry about the future of your children, but you also feel jealous of them, because they will see the future, and you won't.

I was made to go for some cigarettes.

They chose Peter as captain.

The student body is opposed to the new rules.

I did not know that you could cook so well.


In the old days, there were no telephones or electricity whatsoever.

That's to be expected.

His previous movie was received enthusiastically, but the response to his new one has been mixed.

His brothers, sisters or he himself is to go to the station to meet their father.

I don't like it when he does that.

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Liyuan confessed to murdering Alejandro.

Are you thinking about him?

Whose food is this?


He won't be pleased.


Do you have a lot to do?


We were outside.

Jorge got out of the pool.

Frank likes carving pipes.

The habit of smoking is very difficult to get rid of.

Shinko is kindness itself.

You've chosen well.

Unfortunately, I hardly speak any French.


New York's Fifth Avenue is comparable to Ginza.

Which leg hurts?

It is astonishing to witness that the Iranians, onto whom the Arabs imposed Islam through military defeat, have become its most zealous followers to the point of oppressing those of Zoroastrianism, though it is the religion of their own fathers. A kind of Stockholm syndrome on the national scale.

We have known each other for a long time.

Kolkka slowly looked around the room.

Her success as a singer made her famous.

This writer is Russian.

The cat is on the table.

What did she say exactly?

This is a good hospital.

You mustn't keep a lady waiting.


I am a gentleman's daughter.