I just mentioned it because I know a lot of people who worry about that.

I think we need to go back to Boston.


Each of these students has his or her own opinion.


Is it so difficult to choose between heaven and hell?


He says that he has no memory of the evening.

I don't really want to have another child.

I do not dictate your lessons.


He lost his only son in an accident.

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Is she going to make it?

I thought you wouldn't be here today.

I'm not saying I want to do that now.


The situation is under control.

The police are after the man.

What kind of music do you enjoy listening to?

Salted pretzels were the favourite snack of the kids.

You said you wanted to quit.

The food is not good.

She began to cry in a loud voice.

Sjouke has already decided who to go with.

They arrived in the summer of 1847.

Karl doesn't often come here.

Rajeev died a year and a half ago.


Do you know how to drive this thing?

Dinner smells delicious.

Siegurd lost his balance.

Po peeled the potatoes.

I'm scared of heights.

Isaac didn't want to bother Boyce while she was studying.

He is rich enough to buy the furniture.

That would never happen, right?

I know Roy will get out of this.

Ritalynne is three months behind in paying his rent.

Hirofumi gave Geoffrey a book about Australia.

Nadeem headed back home.

Is it really true?!

You are complete.

The final score of the game was 3 to 1.

I can't keep track of our family budget.

This isn't serious.

We all enjoyed the movie.

Vishal often drives slightly over the speed limit.

He was buried in the La Recoleta Cemetery.

I need a box of nails.

The prime minister dissolved the Diet.

Robbin didn't even have the courtesy to say that he was sorry.


Albert is quick at learning.

You were at home yesterday.

I don't mind lending you the money provided you pay it back within a month.


Mikey'll say what he always says.

This way, gentlemen!

To hell with them.

He was knighted.

I think she is sick.


As I found out later, the man who showed up on my doorstep asking for help was speaking Quechua.

My parents don't want me to get married.

Julianto and Merat are expecting their first child next month.

You complain and complain of backache, and you never visit a doctor.

Jordan had a stroke.

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Murthy is a highly-respected community leader.

He doesn't read any more books.

He's had a liberal upbringing.

He has a family to consider.

I think I've persuaded him.

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This is not like her at all.

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Finally, we got to the Mississippi.

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Is Philippe in the hospital?

We can get more.

I must meet him.

Some people believe they can rewrite history.

Why should I care about this?


I've never been camping.

Rick doesn't like how Samir laughs.

I admire Naren's perseverance.


What's taking them so long?

Tell Kelly how you feel.

I've been waiting for them.


Stay as long as you want.

Who crashed the party?

Can you return starling chicks to their parents?

Come and keep me company.

None of the children are sitting.

The engineer told us how to use the machine.

He has since taken to drinking at lunch.

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The Germans were very friendly.


I don't like meeting new people.

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We can't do this without her.


I saw a man standing naked under the waterfall.


I might as well marry a bird as marry you.

You are not allowed to turn left on this street.

That sounds like a threat.

Emi had her mother make a dress.

If you can't afford a lawyer, one will be appointed to you.


I like to learn the ancient language.

Thanks, I'm full.

Oscar and Len plan to go hiking tomorrow if the weather improves.

I've got Joe's address.

Troy doesn't want to see me anymore.

He had twice as much money as I.

It isn't necessary to answer that letter.

I stood on a chair so I could reach the top shelf.

Some countries use ordinal numbers to count millennia, whereas others count them using cardinal numbers.

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Raj started to say something, but Joyce stopped him.

Why did you get involved?

That puppy is so cute.


My explanation was not sufficient.

Marshall said he had a lot of money.

He is planning to develop his business.

You are required to come here tomorrow.

This is probably not a good time to be doing this.

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Come with me to the station.

Leaders establish unity of purpose and direction of the organization.

Welsh is a beautiful language.

What're you doing tonight?

Learn the language by ear rather than by eye.


Don't give Raul your email address.

It's healthy to be mad.

He contributed a lot of money to the hospital.

I don't want to study.

Don't let your house smell like tuna.


Do you want to wait in the car?

What time will the train to Kyoto arrive?

Few, if any, will criticize him.

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I gave Nicolo a fake address.

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That was a really good call.


I noticed you didn't finish your dinner.

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I need to see you.

I didn't think you'd want to miss this.

Get some help.

It is certain that he didn't go out that day.

Linda likes eating chocolate.

Scott Hall belongs to the Outsiders.

My mother is laid up with a cold.

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It's not on the menu.

This reminds me of her.

You're going the wrong way.

Humans originated in Africa.

Sumitro has been going with Piotr for at least half a year.

She keeps her age a secret.

I think she's the best crime writer to come along since P.D. James.


Jim is coming to the party, too.

She cherishes the precious memories of her childhood.

This system will work well in nine cases out of ten.

We are the backing group.

Clara was only trying to save a little money.

Juliane doesn't have enough money to buy a new car.

Timothy doesn't even know how to write his own name.


Miki was accused of neglecting his duty.

We export a lot of automobiles to that country.

I hear it's OK.

What is Ken eating?

Tell me about yourself.

Thank you for setting the record straight.

His face was ablaze with anger.

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The rule only applies to foreigners.

Will you be staying up and working all night to finish the job?

That hut is crawling with lizards and insects.

Who was that who answered your phone?

Dorothy is braver than me.

Is this seat vacant?

That is not an island.


Due to the intense sunlight, his back was sunburnt.

Our plane landed in Ankara late at night.

Thus he succeeded.