Engage effectively with smart timing.
Improve your notifications campaigns with Preciso.ai artificial intelligence. Let our real time prediction engine choose the best moments to push content to your audience.
How it works: Preciso.ai analyzes real time data gathered from phone sensors as well as historical and contextual information in order to find moments of engagement that other services cannot detect.
Improve the KPIs that matter, provide real world impact with the performance improvements that drive your business.
Never let a special event, campaign, or carefully crafted content go unseen. Surprise and engage your audience, but only when they won’t perceive your message as spam — you have already invested in CAC, let Preciso.ai make sure you get the highest return on your efforts.
Revenue, CTR & Conversion
CTR (Click through rate)
Maximize the returns on your campaigns by targeting users in customized precise moments! Preciso.ai automatically finds users who are active, but “stuck” at various stages of the conversion journey as well as inactive or new users to help you re-engage and welcome back to your business.
Usability & Continuous Engagement
Notifications Clicked
Increase brand trust and engagement by sending your users the relevant content, hints and tips on using current or cool new features, that they want in the moments when they are most open to brand interactions — content is up to you, Preciso.ai takes care of delivering it your audience at the best possible time!
Onboarding & Activation
CTR (Click through rate)
Give your new users a warm welcome, guide them through content, promotions, or fun ways to share items with friends. More importantly, know when to engage your users before they tune out or uninstall your app. *works only for Android.
The results and insights that only real-time analysis of user behavior can provide.
Smart Timing
Easily segment your audience with our Dynamic and Manual Segmentation Tools.
Easily segment your audience with our Dynamic and Manual Segmentation Tools.
Preciso.ai provides a real-time dashboard to track campaign performance.
Give each user a personal touch with content specifically for each of them.
A/B Testing
Test your campaigns with a subset of users and then automatically send the “winning” segments of your choice.
Automatically identify inactive users and bring them back to your brand.
Push notification, in-app messaging, email, web, sms.
Customer Support
Easily segment your audience with our Dynamic and Manual Segmentation Tools.
We provide customized use cases to enrich your specific marketing needs.
Retail & E-commerce
Social Media
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Media & Entertainment
On Demand
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The Preciso.ai SDK is quickly and easily integrated into your app, with all data collection, analysis, and notification delivery handled by the Preciso backend.
  • Tutorial Video
  • SDK Features
  • SDK Integration
Video Tutorials
Smart Notifications Overview
Here is a primer on the Smart Notifications Back Office. Learn about the Smart Notifications workflow and how to begin managing your campaigns.
Real Time Marketing. Real Time Dashboard.
Want to see how your campaigns are performing? Check out this video to learn how the Smart Notifications dashboard keeps you up to date in real time!
Platform Features
  • Android and iOS SDKs are only 400kb in size.

  • Less than 1% battery consumption when running in background.

  • Less than 10MB data consumption when running in background.

  • 0 data usage, using only Wi-Fi data.

  • Preciso.ai SDK has no effect on app performance.

  • Campaign Management System.

  • Real time performance dashboard.


SDK integration is quick and easy, often requiring less than 1-2 days depending on your development team’s current workload.

See what our clients have to say and how SN helped bring their engagement to the next level!
It is very rare that company work so closely with clients. At a technical level we were surprised by the capabilities to understand users.
CEO of WakenApp