Brian works almost every day in every style from Billboard #1 albums to bedroom projects to boutique musics. Six Grammy winners and some of the bigger sellers are listed here plus a sampling of others. Musicality is the driving force in the work, connecting each artist more deeply with their core audience and expanding their appeal to the widest possible audience.

“Brian has vast musical range and gets everything from indie recordings to full-blown productions like The Greatest Showman, which went #1 on iTunes in 77 countries." - Greg Wells


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"That guy is fucking great ..." - Neil Young


Beginning in the late 80s NYC East Village, Brian Lucey was a professional musician (guitar, voice, piano) who became a student of Robert Fripp and Guitar Craft through the early/mid 90s. He has many years of experience in band creativity: writing, arranging, performing, tracking, mixing and producing organic music (Ampex MM1200 2"). Mastering began in the late 90s and his experience in all other phases has lead to a uniquely musical take on the craft.

Originally from the secret music city of Columbus, Ohio he works out of Los Angeles.


Located on a street with artists of all genres in Atwater Village, the Los Angeles room is a new concept in mastering design. The freestanding walls treat mid and high frequencies, while the low end escapes into the three story, open floor plan, concrete structure. This provides great low end clarity. Windows and fresh air encourage a more human connection to the outside world. Mastering is about connection, and this design brings something to the work a windowless cave studio can not.



Bricasti DAs


Modified solid state and new old stock tube gear in a short signal path fill a single desk of great power and flexibility. Speakers from the immensely clever German designer Joachim Gerhard, hand made by Immedia in Berkeley, CA. Amplification is Class A push pull tube. Bricasti M1 SE converters.

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