I found, to my surprise, that she was dead.

We're going to freeze to death.

You have nothing to hide, do you?

It is not always easy to face reality.

You've lost weight haven't you?

I hope it is an old photograph or a very beautiful photomontage.


Did they live here?

I thank you for your cooperation.

Leads is staying with us.

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The train was delayed because of snow.

I haven't actually met him yet.

I want them to stop.

They gave up their plan to climb Mt. Fuji.

Uri has been sending Jeannette flowers.

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That was very harsh.

Papa, let's have a face-to-face laugh battle!

Now we know what happened.

Caleb asked Santa to kiss him.

The train left just as we arrived at the platform.


The cat is wet.

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I'm afraid I don't agree with you.

We're credible.

I think you should tell Syun that you don't like him.


Jordan's novel has been translated into French.

Why didn't you tell Malcolm about Penny?

I just couldn't do that.

Smith died of a heart attack.

Norman isn't trying to do anything.

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Nils's tone was a bit aggressive.


All you ever think about is work.

I feel like speaking French today.

She is very sensitive to criticism.


They aimed their guns at him.

"Are my eyes really telling me the truth?" answered the old man, rubbing his eyes. "Are you really my own dear Pinocchio?"

"How is the research going?" "Reasonably well."


I have to delete many files from my computer.

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He went out in the rain.

I think we've got a problem.

I just wanted to say I don't believe you.

These flowers are rare for that part of the country.

We don't have a swimming pool.

History is written by the winners.

By the end of 2006, the number of rural netizens in China was twenty three million one hundred thousand, showing that in six months a total of fourteen million, three hundred thousand rural Chinese got online.

The car is not illegally parked.

Franklin is skiing.

You never tell me you love me.

Can foreign students be in the club?

If you ever do that again, be careful!

Jenine's out of the country.

I was enjoying the serenity.

Roxane gave a different answer.


Will you be shacking here?

Gail and Juha gaze at each other.

Please don't stand.

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He said that it was important.


Are you afraid of bats?

Liz had a sealed envelope in his right hand.

It's raining, but she's not wearing a coat.

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The reason I prefer to go to Japan is that the people in Japan are hardworking and have honest personalities.

Maybe we can buy you a new one.

She doesn't have any friends.


I heard him humming in the shower.

We're fixing it.

This is the best fake ID I've ever seen.

Johnnie's cool, calm, and collected, even under pressure.

A girl was making a speech in the park.

I'm not accustomed to being in the limelight.

Gunter is at home taking care of the kids.

I feel honored to have known you.

The manager reprimanded the man by pounding on the table.

It is inevitable even if he is criticized.

I wish Danny would do that.

Gretchen hadn't expected that.

Siegurd wasn't married.

Do you have any idea where Kristi could be?

The boat is lost.

Things can't be all that bad.

Richard didn't say what you said he said.


Who do you remember?

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At last, my turn came.

This is going to hurt her.

The train began to move.

Why would Dannie go there?

I wonder what Saify will think.

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Though he was a child, he made up his mind to do the work himself.

Cris admitted that it was partially his fault.

Dylan bristled with rage after Norma broke her vase.

I'm safe now.

A woman should follow whatever her husband orders.

How do you know Mongo likes Donovan?

I don't find it a problem.

Is there a shop here?

We felt full from eating the lobster and other seafood.

Who knows what will happen tomorrow?

If there are houses nearby, a volcano can create a disaster.

I don't deserve to be so happy.

I'm turning into a snob, I think.

Erick is the only one who can clear this up.

It would be interesting, I think.


I must say something to you now.

Nobody reads about my country.

You can change it if you like.

I'm afraid I have to go now.

Not a few people think that all foreign-made articles are superior to ones made in this country.

Where's the exit?

I saw him scolded by his father.


Black cloth absorbs light.

Most boys take after their fathers.

I'm expecting her.

Careful as he was he made unexpected mistakes.

As a result, people have got so used to being paid this way that they're uncomfortable with any other.

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Hubert didn't respond to my latest letter.

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We're proud of our achievement.

The moon is behind the clouds.

Syun is in the tree house.

I think you've been drinking too much.

You're exaggerating, right?


Nancy seems naive.

Lui didn't wear any jewelry.

Jeffrey knew that something was wrong.


The computer froze up.

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I'm not decisive enough.


Sleep is necessary for good health.

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He believed Meehan would not be able to catch the train tonight.

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No one knows what happened.

Hugh is not very good at it.

We'll see what we can find out.

Edmond was hiding behind a tree.

Hsi sent Jagath a three-page letter.

The two scholars wrangled over the meaning of an obscure Tibetan phrase.

Sanche doesn't work here.

I can't help you because I don't understand French.

I got used to the sun.

I don't think I can leave early.

Have a happy Turkey day.

Thanks for coming. It means a lot to me.

Let me show you a better way to do that.

Mat requested a seat over a wing.

I may have to come home late. In that case, I'll call you.


Please feed the dog.

Jaime asked if the cat had drunk all of the milk.

I've just eaten some sushi and drunk a beer.

You're both insane.

He may do whatever he wants to.

Elwood still hasn't responded.

Maybe Stu has problems.

It is necessary for that car to have a check.

Why do you insist? I already said no!

Sandeep always gives the same old excuse for being late for school.

His daughter is eager to go with him anywhere.

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You're drowning in a glass of water.

They carried on with the plan in spite of strong objections to it.

He took a line from Shakespeare.


Anybody home?

I don't have anyone to yell at.

Isometric exercise is good for muscle tone, but doesn't provide much of a cardiovascular workout.


A bee flew out of the window.

The world is worried about the nuclear capabilities of the USA and Israel.

I would like to be alone.


He had to go there.


She is rather cross now.


Shakespeare said: "Navarre shall be the wonder of the world."

You have stolen my happiness, Charles.

He waters the flowers every day in summer.