I'm getting tired. It's your turn to drive.

Leslie is very gregarious while Rebecca is quite antisocial.

We have to get them help us.

I am completely agog over your diaphanous dress.

Doug says he won't have to work overtime today.

It's the first time I make my bed!

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The man is right.

You guys go and have fun.

He longed for her talented skills.

Panacea didn't know that Jun was going to Australia.

He lives in a house built in a semi foreign style.


Why should I be mad at you?

We'll likely never know for sure.

The judge condemned him to death.

She is fond of painting a picture.

We all like him.

Frederick fished a key out of his pocket and unlocked the door.

It's the lady.


That pleases me very much.


American industry makes various attempts to find and encourage brilliant students from abroad.

I'll see Moran tomorrow morning.

The "twin tiger cubs get separated ..." story felt a bit trite.

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She lost her money, her family and her friends.


I did what I had to do.

What do you and Edith have going on tonight?

He was just on the verge of going to sleep.

Thanks for taking her fishing.

Catherine was an excellent MC at his friend's wedding reception, and a great night was had by all.

I want everyone to love me.

He adapted to his environment.

Did you spend the night here?

This is Lucia's pen.

He has got it.

I swear that's all I want.

I want to talk to the doctor.

Toby surprised me.


I just stopped by to pay my respects.

I gave him two cakes and asked, "Are you going to eat them both?"

The couple walked holding hands in the moonlight.


Hurf was killed in 2013.

When will the Japanese class start?

One panini or two paninis?

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Next Friday, I'm going on a date with a girl named Guy.

Actually it was only a rumor.

Can I get my gun back?

Leigh is a mountain climber.

I just wanted to see you.

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All had voted for Aaron Burr.


They are more emotional than we.

Triantaphyllos is paid by the hour.

He sold his business and retired.

What do you think of his new novel?

I should admit that I started to feel sick.


I think reading novels isn't a waste of time.

I can't believe Celia would commit suicide.

What's the matter with her?


I went to the public hall to listen to the jazz concert.

I value your friendship very much.

There's nothing like cold watermelon in the summer.

She prayed that her children would forgive her.

It gets awfully lonely here.


I've met so many new people.


She does not have many friends in Kyoto.


This stone-dead guy had no friends.


The ancient Gnostics believed that this material world was innately malevolent.

The word is repeatedly used with that meaning.

It's hard to keep up with you.

What do I owe her?

When they had their first baby, they had been married for 10 years.

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Clayton kept his hat on to hide his baldness.


Charlene and Jason are now alone.

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According to him, the president must not be turned into a caricature, the loss of authority and public order cannot be borne.

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You did exactly what Marvin wanted you to do.

I want to die.

Pierette's house shouldn't be too hard to find.

I'll see to it that we complete this project on time.

It is too hot to stay here.

I don't feel inclined to play baseball today.

When the wind blew part of our roof off, we started worrying.

Jenine didn't eat lunch with us.

I can arrange that.

We like Sabrina just fine.

In his eyes, she was perfect.

I thought Shuvra and Chip would hit it off.

The weak beats of my heart can only go so far.

Man is unable to escape death.

I'm busy all day keeping house.

I think you know who you need to talk to now.

Farouk flew to Boston yesterday.


The boat was tied with a short line.


I am having a nap.

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A nice boy talked to Kate.

Dieting takes up so much human endeavor with so little to show for it.

I won't cook for you.

Malloy makes a point of getting up early.

I can't believe Patrick fell for it.

This train stops at every station.

I need to set my watch to two minutes faster.

She's not sure he wants to do this.

I hope I didn't make you feel uncomfortable.


What exactly does this button do?


Joyce sat next to Erik on the bus.


He is really a Hercules.

I can hardly believe how much nonsense is uttered not only by ordinary forum users but also by the so-called experts.

Those who know me, know that I am Catholic.

Tollefsen looked around carefully.

We wandered aimlessly around the shopping district.

She's not a doctor.

I thought I was going to faint.

Piotr fell madly in love with his childhood friend, Irwin.

Vernon is sufficiently well off to buy a house anywhere he wants.

I think Aimee doesn't have a very good job.

The exile yearned for his home.

Boil chestnuts for at least 15 minutes.

Can I come to your party tonight?

I can't do it yet.

Joe knows what to do now.


They missed a lot.


No one has resigned yet.

I haven't formed an opinion on the subject yet.

You mean you're short on fuck-buddies?

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His question puzzles me.

We did what we were told.

The patriots stood up for the rights of their nation.

Sue was impressed by the big organ in the church.

I'm going back to look for Jin.

Lonhyn elaborated on the point.

Tracy jumped into the pool from the roof.

I could go with her.

Rodent is ruthless.

I can't speak to him.

Shall I ask Peter for help?

You don't scare me.

The court ruled that Muslim schoolgirls could not be exempted from swimming lessons.

You must think for yourself.

We're still doing well.

This meat can be preserved long.

What is the next street after this?

Let's buy a few weapons.

I'm dependent on my reading glasses.

I need to know more.

Jarl is looking for a better job.

He is just to a person.

Do we need to wait for you?


You'll have to learn all these dates by rote.

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Kees was taken by surprise.

These days, most clothing is imported from China.

Linda's husband was two-timing her.


Reinhard's speech was really funny.

He spoke to farmers in Iowa.

I want to know the moment Stephan calls.

I answered the door.

Always forgive your enemies - nothing annoys them so much.


I haven't actually said no yet.

When Skip heard his favourite song on the radio, he just had to sing along.

I'll come tomorrow.


Jack is complaining to the manager.


I owe you a lot.

Tolerant has accumulated a lot of junk since he's moved into this house.

Todd has no idea where we are.

We were hurrying in order to make up for the wasted time.

Dannie didn't care.


My camera is much better than hers.