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FURUIDA WOOD CO., LTD is a private family owned plywood manufacturing company. The company has been operating for more than twenty years with its wide range of plywood products used both locally, significant volumes exported to Middle East, Europe, UK and Australia. In 1996, the company started with veneer peeling business and sold the veneer in the local market. Two Years later, the company has been established with more than 50 employees.
FURUIDA WOOD CO., LTD started international trading since 2002.From 2004 to 2007, it was exported a significant volume to Middle East with 20000m3 per year, at same year Furuida has raising with up to 150 employees. At the end of 2007, with the promising development of European plywood market, the director decided to focus on the business in Europe. From 2008 to 2011, the volume of plywood exported to European market increasingly to 50000m3 per year and the team has 300 employees.
In 2008, the company decided to manufacture a formwork plywood product specifically for the Australian market. SAI Global was contracted and a consultant knowledgeable in Australian Standards requirements engaged to assist in the manufacture of a certified formwork plywood product meeting the requirements of AS 6669 Plywood Formwork. This process has been completed and the certified product was ready for Australian markets in 2010.
Now, our team has been teaching and training for over a past decade under the guidance of our Australian knowledgeable consultant in the workshop, and we have sufficient confidence to make right product for Australian Market. The products have been used by many well-known companies in Australian market, like Peri, Uni-Span, etc. In 2017, the company has developed another product under the approval of SAI Global. We will always implement the concept of customer value creation for customers tailored products to meet the needs of different customers, and continuously provide customers with solutions and technical problems. Further exploration and innovation, and excellence.