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Why Pay More?

From our Factory to Your Home

At VoltBike we decided to re-invent the distribution model. So we skip the traditional bicycle distribution channel and sell our bikes direct to you. This means lower price tag while getting high quality electric bike.

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A Better Bicycle

Delivered 100% Assembled

You don’t need to be a bike mechanic to own a Voltbike. Heck, you don’t even need to know one. We make the process of ordering online as simple as possible, and deliver every Voltbike fully assembled.

Reduce your footprint

More Smiles, Less Sweat

Voltbike's powerful electric pedal assist will transform your commute into the highlight of your day—and let you leave the change of clothes at home. Slice through headwinds, conquer hills, and breeze through city traffic with a fraction of the effort.



community stories

Phil Dalton

Calgary, AB, Canada

"I recently purchased a VoltBike Elegant so that I could commute to work instead of taking public transit."

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customer stories

Will Thomas

Rocky Mountain, BC, Canada

"Oops! We ended up on one of the most “Advanced” trails on the mountain - the one we most wanted to avoid!"

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Anthony Buckley

Winnipeg, MB, Canada

"Winnipeg roads are loaded with cracks and dips from season change. Also, after every winter..."

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Jule Cunningham

Beaverton, Oregon, USA

"Loved the way this bike looks, makes you feel like you got more than you paid for."

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OFFGRID is a magazine dedicated to preparation and survival. In 2015 RECOIL won “Best Outdoor Sports & Recreation Magazine” at the "Maggie Awards"

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Electric Bike Action Magazine

Electric Bike Action magazine is the only printed Ebike magazine in the US. Hi-Torque publishes 7 titles that are sold in over 150 Countries around the world.

Electric Bike Review

Electric Bike Review is the most recognized source for electric bikes video reviews.

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Vancouver Sun

The Vancouver Sun is a daily newspaper. It has the largest newsroom in Vancouver, BC.

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